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  • Power semiconductor comes in three-level topology
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  • Connector crimp module has 70A current rating
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Connector crimp module has 70A current rating

AHarting product story

The new Han 70A crimp module is the latest addition to the Harting Han-Modular Series of heavy-duty connectors.

Power semiconductor comes in three-level topology

ASemikron product story

Semikron has launched its newest MINISKIIP IGBT power semiconductor module, which is now also available in three-level topology.

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Dave Wilson

Electronicstalk Editor

The chief engineer had spared no expense to provide his only son with a plethora of high-technology equipment for Christmas, knowing how delighted he would be when he discovered the grown-up boys toys in his stocking on Christmas morning.

Aside from a rather magnificent notepad computer, the chief engineer's son had also been blessed with a mobile phone with a... Read full story

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