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Laurence Marchini

Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "ActiveX (controls)", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release Windows upgrade aids consumer device designers from Microsoft, which we summarised at the time by saying "Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 is an important building block for smart, connected, service-oriented devices". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Wireless interface for data logger from Audon Electronics: "An analogue and digital multifunction I/O bluetooth interface is for professional wireless-control applications in data acquisition, automation and facility management applications".

In March 2007, we covered the news from United Electronic Industries concerning its DNA-429-5xx series of avionics bus interfaces. - take a look at Avionics bus interfaces have 12 channels which says: "The DNA-429-5xx series of ARINC 429 avionics bus interfaces are software selectable between high-speed or low-speed options".

Take a look also at the news release from BFi Optilas, Interface aids laser power measurement, as well as Design leverages MPEG-4 audio/video encoding from AverLogic Technologies Corp, and Tactile feedback overcomes touchscreen resistance from Immersion Corp.

See also:

Measurement software is made for MCC hardware (August 2006)
Measurement Studio is now available from Adept Scientific for Measurement Computing Corporation hardware

Dongle secures software distribution (March 2006)
An economical security dongle comes preprogrammed with a unique, unalterable identification number readable from any USB port

Software tools link design and test (September 2005)
Racal Instruments Group has developed a series of new, user-friendly software tools called newWaveX, designed specifically to meet the needs of design and test engineers

IR cameras offer cost-effective thermal analysis (June 2005)
A new range of infra-red cameras brings the benefits of thermography to a much wider R and D community, making it cost- and time-effective for electronics prototyping

Acquisition range runs via USB 2.0 (March 2005)
Keithley Instruments introduces the Series KUSB-3100 USB-based data acquisition (DAQ) measurement solutions

Programme certifies components for OS coexistance (March 2005)
Kuka Controls has set up a programme to certify component compatibility for running Windows XP and either Wind River VxWorks or Windows CE concurrently on a single processor

Toolset helps standardise test signal definitions (February 2005)
A new software toolset facilitates the implementation of the newly approved IEEE1641 signal definition standard

USB logger strips down for OEM use (October 2004)
Now available form Audon Electronics is a board-only OEM version of the popular USB based LabJack U12 USB data acquisition and control device

Software smooths out high-speed acquisition (September 2004)
SPViewIT is a new generation of ultra-high-speed signal capture software that overcomes the problems typically encountered when capturing external signals at extreme speeds directly onto a PC

Acquisition board puts two into one (September 2004)
The Adlink PCI9820 is a high-sampling-speed data acquisition board, available now from Amplicon Liveline

Addon eases test report generation (April 2004)
The LabView Report Generation Toolkit 1.1 is an addon that incorporates Express technology introduced in LabView 7 Express, to speed up the creation of Microsoft Excel and Word reports

Exclusive UK deal on acquisition boards (February 2004)
Amplicon Liveline has formed a new partnership with Exacq Technologies, a leading manufacturer of PC-based data acquisition products, as the current sole UK distributor of its products

Toolbox speeds NET client creation (February 2004)
Softing OPC toolkits are used by several hundred companies worldwide for the development of data access and alarms and events clients and servers

DSP-based boards are low-cost entry to PXI (January 2004)
The XH and XM Series of data acquisition boards offer DSP-based performance and accuracy at a groundbreaking price point for the PXI platform

PXI-based platform heralds new wireless strategy (October 2003)
The Aeroflex 3000 series is a PXI-based modular test suite for mobile phone and general-purpose wireless test

Measurement tools come up to date (September 2003)
Measurement Studio 7.0 is a comprehensive suite of native classes and controls for developing measurement and automation applications in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003

All-in solution to testing handset power amps (July 2003)
The ME7840/4 handset power amplifier test system (PATS) is a single connection solution that thoroughly characterises the performance of next-generation handset power amplifiers

New features add flexibility to test software (July 2003)
TestPoint is a software tool for creating custom test, measurement and data acquisition applications

Embedded module combines analogue and digital I/O (June 2003)
The AIO-104+8 is the first PC/104 module from Sealevel Systems to offer analogue I/O

PMC modules deliver more value per slot (June 2003)
New I/O-rich PMC modules from Crellon Microsystems combine plentiful digital I/Os with flexible timer/counters on a single card to reduce hardware costs and save PMC slots

Acquisition boards have no shortage of ADCs (March 2003)
To avoid settling delays and speed limitations, the 32-channel PCI-417N series of acquisition boards for desktop computers uses an A/D convertor for each channel

Dutch tools speed DSP integration (November 2002)
Kane Computing is the new UK distributor for the bf3 range of embedded communications products developed and produced by Windmill Innovations

Analysing data where spreadsheets fear to tread (October 2002)
For any engineer or researcher working with long time series, DADiSP has long represented an intriguing third way of manipulating, editing, displaying or analysing data

Onboard PSU intelligence puts designers in control (September 2002)
With the new Vega Smartplus, Lambda has taken the design of configurable switch mode power supplies another significant step forward by introducing customer configurable 'firmware'

Big bandwidth boost for power analyser (August 2002)
The Norma 3000 power analyser provides precise measurement of current, voltage and electrical power on distorted signals

PMC module takes four functions onboard (July 2002)
Crellon Microsystems has a PMC module that combines the capabilities of four separate I/O modules on a single PCI mezzanine card for VMEbus and CompactPCI CPU boards

Simultaneous nonstop sampling on 16 channels (June 2002)
In the search for multichannel A/D conversion boards, a novel 16-channel offering captures all the input samples exactly in parallel

USB data acquisition system won't break the bank (April 2002)
Now available in the UK from Audon Electronics is the LabJack U12 USB data acquisition and control unit

Network monitor uses IP address range filtering (March 2002)
Fastnet v7.5 is the latest version of the nonintrusive enterprise network monitoring system from NetTest

Analogue signals acquired at streaming speeds (January 2002)
New from Datel is a fast analogue input board with a fully streaming architecture which collects samples without stopping the A/D convertor sample clock

Upgraded acquisition, processing and analysis (October 2001)
Firstsight Vision has released Sapera 4.0, the latest edition of the award-winning software library for high performance image acquisition, processing and analysis

More functionality added to measurement software (August 2001)
Measurement Studio from National Instruments is a set of fully integrated measurement tools that complements the text-based languages that programmers use most

PCI board houses power supply test system (August 2001)
Datel's model PCI-462 delivers a full 22W output, a precision programmable power D/A output and A/D input monitor, configured on a desktop PCI board

Data acquisition upgrades to 32bit ActiveX (July 2001)
Keithley Instruments has released version 4.0 of its test and measurement data acquisition environment TestPoint

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