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Start with the news release EMI shielding for medical device enclosures from Chomerics, which we summarised at the time by saying "Chomerics Europe - a division of Parker Hannifin - has launched Soft-Shield 4850, an EMI shielding material that is suitable for medical applications using electronics equipment for patient care.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Electronics adhesives for high-value components from Intertronics: "Intertronics has introduced the latest range of fast room-temperature-cure electronics adhesives from Dymax, which are particularly focused towards harsh-duty electronics applications.".

In September 2010, we covered the news from Laird Technologies - take a look at Thermal gap filler has low out-gassing properties which says: "Laird Technologies has released the Tflex XS400 series thermal gap filler designed for telecom, IT, consumer, automotive, LED and power supply applications.".

Take a look also at the news release from MH and W, TIMs allow positioning in medical devices, as well as Bluewave LED adhesive cure system for spot curing from Intertronics, and Heater extends operating temperature of LCDs from Dontech.

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LED socket suits wire and board applications (June 2010)

Tyco Electronics has launched the Type CM solderless LED socket for easy integration of the Cree Xlamp MP-L multichip LED into light fixtures.

Zyfilm brings touch functionality to store windows (June 2010)

Screenvision, a provider of display and touch-screen technology, is using Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT)-based touch sensor products from Zytronic on an upgrade project for one of its clients.

Antennas designed for wireless M2M applications (June 2010)

Solid State Supplies has launched three series of Pulse high-efficiency antennas designed for reliable wireless M2M connections in applications such as smart metering, monitoring, and data logging.

Pick-and-place machine for LED placement on PCBs (June 2010)

Blakell Europlacer has launched the dual-gantry Iineo II pick-and-place machine designed for high-speed LED placement on ultra-long printed circuit boards (PCB).

HTCR thick-film chip resistors operate at 250C (May 2010)

TT Electronics Welwyn Components' HTCR series of thick-film chip resistors ensure high reliability for applications in down-hole drilling, automotive, aerospace and defence applications.

Imaps-UK announces Beyond Solder seminar details (May 2010)

Imaps-UK has released details of the technical programme for its forthcoming Beyond Solder seminar, which is due to be held at the National Physical Laboratory in London on 30 June 2010.

Lord adhesive for electronics, LED and solar uses (May 2010)

Lord has released a low-modulus, high-thermal-conductivity adhesive suitable for the electronics, LED and solar industries.

Semikron packaging vacuum seals power modules (May 2010)

Semikron has introduced Semiseal, a vacuum-sealed packaging for power modules that is designed to ensure secure, easy handling.

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  • Electronics adhesives for high-value components

    Intertronics has introduced the latest range of fast room-temperature-cure electronics adhesives from Dymax, which are particularly focused towards harsh-duty electronics applications.
  • Bluewave LED adhesive cure system for spot curing

    Intertronics has unveiled the Bluewave LED adhesive cure system, designed for adhesive bonding of polycarbonate, PVC, PET, metal and glass, as well as the spot curing of various coatings.
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