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Start with the news release Coupling power connectors have full EMC protection from FC Lane Electronics , which we summarised at the time by saying "Lane Electronics now offers Weald Electronics' LMH range of Bayonet Coupling Power Connectors available for immediate delivery, as well as a large inventory of shell styles, contacts and accessories.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Compliance 5 caters for all RF EMC testing needs from Teseq: "Teseq has released the Compliance 5 emission and immunity test software - an integrated platform capable of performing all radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing tasks.".

In February 2011, we covered the news from Rohde and Schwarz - take a look at Test system for AESA radar equipment manufacturers which says: "The new R and S TS6710 test system from Rohde and Schwarz is a highly flexible, turnkey standard solution for manufacturers of AESA radar equipment. ".

Take a look also at the news release from FC Lane Electronics , 720 Series provides rugged, waterproof connection, as well as Signal generator for RandD, aerospace and defence from Saelig, and Connector for industrial, automotive, medical use from Molex.

Latest stories...
Quantum Composers launches current pulse generator (January 2011)

Quantum Composers has released the model 9730 series current pulse generator, designed for use in pyrotechnics work for the automobile, safety, propulsion, defence and aerospace industries.

Aluminium enclosures withstand harsh conditions (January 2011)

DEM Manufacturing has announced that its latest range of IP67 and IP68 aluminium enclosures has now been upgraded to include enhanced EMI and RFI protection.

Rugged flame-retardent laminates for military PCBs (December 2010)

Rogers has introduced XT/duroid high-performance thermoplastic laminate materials, suitable for high-frequency multilayer circuits in military, aerospace and deep-space applications.

Tyco announces JEDEC-based memory module (December 2010)

Tyco Electronics has introduced a very low-profile (VLP) double-data-rate 3 (DDR3) dual in-line memory module (DIMM) socket designed around JEDEC industry standards.

Lord introduces SC-305 silicone encapsulant (December 2010)

Lord has announced the availability of Lord SC-305, a thermally conductive silicone encapsulant designed for encapsulation applications where high heat dissipation is required.

DC switch disconnectors for PV applications (December 2010)

A range of DC switch disconnectors and string boxes for photovoltaic (PV) applications is available from Switchtec.

LEDs for fault indication in harsh environments (December 2010)

Aerco has announced the availability in the UK of ruggedised, full colour spectrum LEDs from L3 Electrodynamics for use in the defence, aerospace, industrial and avionics industries.

Silicone coating protects electronic circuitry (November 2010)

Electrolube has launched DCA-HT, a modified silicone conformal coating that has been designed for the protection of electronic circuitry.

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