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Start with the news release System host board meets dual and quad-core needs from Trenton Technology, which we summarised at the time by saying "Trenton's TQ9 and PICMG 1.3 backplane technology enables users to take advantage of dual and quad-core processors and PCI Express technology.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release ETX module promises speedy route to market from Commell: "The EE-260 ETX module is based on the VIA Luke CoreFusion processing platform, integrating the latest VIA Eden-N processor with the VIA CN400 North Bridge in a low-power high-performance package.".

In July 2005, we covered the news from IBase Technology - take a look at Industrial motherboard features PCI Express which says: "The latest high-performance industrial motherboard from IBase is the MB885, a device based on the Intel 915G PCI Express chipset and guaranteeing a minimum lifecycle of 5 years.".

Take a look also at the news release from Adlink Technology, CompactPCI platforms feature at CeBIT, as well as Intel lays down PCI Express roadmap from Intel Corporation, and Motherboards exploit latest Via chipset from QDI.

Latest stories...
Full-size PICMG platform runs up to Pentium 4 (August 2003)

The Commell FS-978 is a full-size PICMG platform based on the Intel 82865G and 82801EB chipset.

Motherboard harnesses DDR400 memory (June 2003)

Harnessing Via's latest KT400A chipset and compatible with the new generation AMD (Barton) AthlonXP 3000+ processor, the KudoD7X/400A is an upgrade to QDI's Kudoz7X-6A.

Motherboards use latest Intel chipset (June 2003)

A new series of P4I865 motherboards supports Hyper-Threading and incorporate Intel's latest 865 chipset with 800MHz FSB.

Mainboard features latest Intel chipset (May 2003)

The P4I875P mainboard for high-end desktop and servers uses the new i875P (Canterwood) chipset from Intel and further endorses the partnering arrangement between the two companies.

Pentium 4 gains faster system bus and companions (April 2003)

Intel has boosted overall PC performance by introducing a new Pentium 4 processor with a faster system bus and a new chipset platform.

Motherboard is first with latest Intel chipset (April 2003)

The P4I865G motherboard is the first to be based on Intel's new-generation Springdale chipset.

Graphics cards feature high-bandwidth processor (March 2003)

The Npact family of graphics cards includes both high- and mid-range boards supporting the latest AGP 8X standard interface.

Chipset boosts bandwidth for AMD designs (March 2003)

The SiS748 for the AMD K7 platform is the first AMD chipset on the market to support a 400MHz front-side bus.

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