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Laurence Marchini

Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "Analogue baseband", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release 3GSM showing for 65nm handset devices from Broadcom Corp, which we summarised at the time by saying "Broadcom is showcasing new 65nm products for mobile handsets and handheld devices at this week's 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain". Earlier in the week, we featured the news release Edge transceiver is built on 65nm CMOS process from Broadcom Corp: "Broadcom applies years of research and development and extensive expertise in CMOS radio devices to the cellular market to forge an integration path towards a monolithic Edge SoC solution".

In February 2007, we covered the news from Freescale Semiconductor concerning its RFX300-30 - take a look at 3G RF subsystem comes in single integrated package which says: "Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled the industry's smallest 3G multiband form factor RF subsystem for handset design".

Take a look also at the news release from Tower Semiconductor, Alliance brings sound generator to volume, as well as Platform expands entry-level handset features from Agere Systems, and Chipset expands portfolio of TD-SCDMA technology from Analog Devices.

See also:

Handset platform integrates CD-quality audio (September 2006)
Truentry X125 is billed as the industry's first platform for delivering much more affordable entry-level cellphones that feature compact disc-quality music

Edge transceiver has digital interface (September 2006)
The Aero IIed is fully compliant with the 2.5G DigRF specification version 1.12 and is prevalidated with leading DigRF baseband implementations

Alliance has designs on mobile developers (September 2006)
Partnership combines BSquare's expertise in developing embedded software and reference designs with Dialog's leading-edge power management and audio integrated SoC technology

Power management and audio come together in one (July 2006)
A combined power management and audio IC is designed especially to support the latest generation of application processors in emerging high growth applications

Single-chip phone cuts handsets down to size (June 2006)
The Si4901 AeroFone single-chip phone is billed as the industry's most integrated, highest performing single-chip phone for the GSM ultra-low-cost handset (ULCH) market

HSDPA chipset offers futureproof programmability (February 2006)
Engineering samples are available for a new chipset that enables the development of mass-market HSDPA-capable feature phones and smartphones at price points of $150 or less

Edge RF subsystem yields efficient handsets (February 2006)
Sagem Communication has chosen to partner with Freescale to integrate Edge RF subsystems into its next-generation family of handsets to meet consumers' demand for performance and style

Signal processing challenges answered at 3GSM (February 2006)
Sound clarity, image quality, battery life, download speed, form factor and quality of service will all be addressed by Analog Devices at 3GSM in Barcelona

Chipset enables wideband featurephones (February 2006)
Analog Devices will demonstrate its first W-CDMA/Edge (W-Edge) chipset at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona

Software is full package for multimedia handsets (February 2006)
Multimedia software and user applications are pre-integrated with GSM/GPRS protocol stack software for multimedia featurephones based on Analog Devices' SoftFone chipsets

Multimedia processor unites Blackfin and ARM (January 2006)
A new high-end multimedia baseband processor enables advanced audio and video functions in Edge and GSM/GPRS cellular phones

RF signal generator uses software defined radio (January 2006)
The Model 2910 RF vector signal generator is the first in a new line of RF test instruments

Chinese tests validate dual-mode 3G chipset (January 2006)
Dual-mode 3G TD-SCDMA/GSM operation has been achieved on Analog Devices' SoftFone-LCR chipset

Single-chip phone produces budget handsets (October 2005)
The Aerofone single-chip phone is billed as the industry's most integrated, highest performance, easiest-to-use solution for GSM/GPRS handsets

Baseband chipset masters handset processing (October 2005)
Agere Systems is delivering its new Vision X115 chipset solution supporting cinema-quality video and CD-quality audio capabilities for mainstream Edge feature phones and smartphones

Design points the way to TD-SCDMA handsets (April 2005)
Analog Devices and Datang Mobile have produced a complete reference design for the development of 3G cellular handsets based on the TD-SCDMA standard

Multimode chipset brings W-CDMA onboard (November 2004)
The SoftFone-W chipset is a complete handset solution - from baseband through radio - featuring full support for the W-CDMA/UMTS standard

Chipset ready for Chinese 3G deployment (November 2004)
Analog Devices has released the world's first complete chipset from a single supplier for developers of 3G mobile terminals based on the TD-SCDMA Low Chip Rate (LCR) air interface

TD-SCDMA chipset supports complex 3G applications (November 2004)
Commit hand TI have developed a flexible TD-SCDMA chipset solution easily customised for supporting complex 3G applications

Analog Devices and TTPCom give Simcom the Edge (October 2004)
Analog Devices and TTPCom have teamed up to deliver Edge technology to Simcom of Shanghai, China, a leading manufacturer of cellular handsets for the domestic Chinese market

All-in-one solution makes the grade for HD Radio (July 2004)
iBiquity Digital has certified TBK's TDI 2001-A0 decoding module for use in automotive and home HD Radio receivers

Blackfin modules take Edge protocols onboard (June 2004)
Siemens Information and Communications Wireless Modules, Analog Devices and TTPCom are developing a range of products based on ADI's and TTPCom's Edge technologies

Enhanced baseband codec for modern digital radio (March 2004)
The CMX981 is an extremely-low-power advanced digital-radio baseband processor, combined on-chip with a voice codec/processor and an audio PA

Single-chip dual-band WCDMA transceiver is a first (February 2004)
Texas Instruments is the sampling the industry's first single-chip, dual-band WCDMA RF transceiver for advanced 3G mobile devices

Platform provides an Edge for LG handsets (February 2004)
LG Electronics, Analog Devices and TTPCom are developing a range of handsets based on ADI's and TTPCom's Edge (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) technologies

Dual-core device stars in embedded processor line (January 2004)
Analog Devices has expanded its Blackfin processor family to include a new class of embedded processor, the ADSP-BF561, which integrates two identical Blackfin cores

Chipset takes smartphones to the Edge (January 2004)
The industry's first complete Edge chipset uses the OMAP platform to deliver flexible Edge-based smartphones, feature phones and PDAs, all within a footprint half the size of a business card

Modular CDMA solution aids differentiation (December 2003)
A new chipset provides a flexible and open solution supporting the cdma2000 1X standard for wireless communications

Smartphone takes OMAP route (October 2003)
OMAP application processors and TCS wireless GSM/GPRS technology from Texas Instruments will power the P30 - the first smartphone from BenQ Corp

Module points to faster Edge datarates (July 2003)
TTPCom has released a multislot Class 12 Edge reference module

Cellular system solution speeds Bird to market (June 2003)
Bird is one of the largest producers of cellular phones in China, and its recently announced ultrathin GSM S228 phone is based on Philips' proven Nexperia cellular system solution

Trio to target CDMA chipsets (May 2003)
Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics are both to offer ICs based on technology developed jointly with Nokia that together compose standard CDMA chipsets

A wireless PDA concept called Wanda (March 2003)
Mobile device manufacturers will be able to deliver simultaneous wireless voice and data connectivity with a novel triwireless PDA concept design from Texas Instruments

Chipsets carve out four different mobile segments (February 2003)
Four new GSM/GPRS chipset solutions build on the market success of their predecessors to enable compelling new multimedia applications on wireless mobile devices addressing all market segments

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