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Laurence Marchini

Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "Analogue design", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release Sales agreement covers modeling software from Infiniscale, which we summarised at the time by saying "IVIS has agreed to be responsible for sales and support of Infiniscale's modeling, model-based optimisation and parametric yield solutions". A couple of weeks before, we featured the news release Analogue companion cuts power for portable design from austriamicrosystems: "Latest integrated audio and power management device combines all system analogue functions required around a digital SoC for mobile entertainment products".

In December 2007, we covered the news from austriamicrosystems concerning its AS3518 - take a look at Codec/power management combo chosen for PNDs which says: "The AS3518 audio codec and advanced power management IC is chosen to power a reference design aimed at personal navigation devices and multimedia phones".

Take a look also at the news release from Innovision Research and Technology, NFC technology comes as semiconductor IP, as well as Design kit mixed-mode and logic sub-processes from Mentor Graphics UK, and Acquisition expands data-convertor IP portfolio from Silicon and Software Systems (S3).

See also:

Acquisition harnesses mixed-signal verification (October 2007)
Sandwork's products, combined with Synopsys' industry leading Discovery AMS solution, deliver a comprehensive environment for verification and debug

Drivers add flexibility to analogue design (September 2007)
Dual differential ADC drivers enable designers of data acquisition systems to improve system performance by enhancing key ADC performance characteristics

Conference to master microcontrollers (September 2007)
The first European Microchip Annual Strategic Technical Exchange and Review Conference will be held in Munich this November

Design platform produces first-time-right silicon (June 2007)
SensorDynamics used the Virtuoso custom design platform for its latest chip designed for intelligent sensor interfaces for automotive applications

Dialog signs for engineering development (June 2007)
KPIT Cummins Infosystems establishes an offshore development centre for Dialog Semiconductor

Single simulator covers all IC technologies (May 2007)
End-to-end simulation and verification software for custom IC uses a common database of netlists and models to simulate analogue, RF, memory and mixed-signal designs

EDA tool interoperability in focus (April 2007)
This year's Synopsys EDA Interoperability Developers' Forum will feature discussions about open analogue standards, the Unified Power Format and Liberty library advancements

Buffer chip extends two-wire buses (April 2007)
Bus buffer IC is suitable for extending and expanding I2C, SMBus, PMBus, IPMB and other similar two-wire bus systems

Power management design seminar tours Europe (March 2007)
Seminars discuss design fundamentals and techniques as well as application examples associated with the latest high-performance power management products

Online design centre supports PSU design (February 2007)
The Analog eLab Design Center website now includes a power supply design tool and a simulation environment that allows switch-mode power supply simulation with acceleration

FPGA design environment adds IP generation support (July 2006)
The latest version of the Actel Libero integrated design environment has new features intended to increase the flexibility, efficiency and performance of designs based on the company's FPGAs

Simulation software provides virtuoso performance (July 2006)
Nexxim, the circuit simulation software for high-performance IC design and signal-integrity analysis, has been accepted into the Cadence Design Systems Connections Programme

McLaughlin and Fox expand engineering team (June 2006)
Scott McLaughlin and Don Fox have joined the engineering team at NuWaves

Controller cuts PoE component count (June 2006)
The Si3400 is the first power-over-Ethernet powered device controller to integrate on-chip diode bridges, a transient surge suppressor and a switching regulator FET

Hahn engineers new role (May 2006)
Steffen Hahn has joined analogue semiconductor specialist Quellan as Vice President of Engineering

Webcast explains power for LED lighting (April 2006)
An hour-long webcast cohosted by Texas Instruments and Arrow Electronics will address 'Power concerns for LEDs used for display lighting'

Reference flow speeds mixed-signal design (April 2006)
An analogue mixed-signal reference flow addresses the needs of designers developing ICs for the consumer, networking and wireless markets

High-speed USB controllers prove popular (April 2006)
In less than a year Cypress Semiconductor has shipped over 20 million units of its new family of low-cost high-speed USB controllers with the industry's lowest power consumption

Design centre is a first for Europe (April 2006)
Linear's Munich Design Centre allows the company to further expand its analogue design resources at a location that provides proximity to some of the company's key European customers

Noise and ground management discussed online (February 2006)
A live Analog eLab webcast on 'Managing noise and ground in precision analogue system applications' will go online on Wednesday 8th March 2006 at 1700 GMT

Webcast comes live from developer conference (February 2006)
This year's Texas Instruments' Developer Conference in Dallas will feature a live Analog eLab webcast on 'Optimising analogue-to-digital conversion in DSP-based applications'

SMIC opts for analogue simulator (January 2006)
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) has adopted Mentor's Eldo simulation tool as an internal Spice simulator for analogue circuits

Agilent semiconductor operation becomes Avago (December 2005)
Avago Technologies has begun operations as the world's largest privately held independent semiconductor company

ADC claims best-in-class dynamic performance (November 2005)
A new 14bit 190Msample/s analogue-to-digital convertor boasts outstanding dynamic performance and low total power dissipation

Power management processes provide extra features (October 2005)
Zarlink Semiconductor has developed fully compatible 1.0um 20V linear power management processes it reckons meet or exceed those provided by competing analogue foundries

SOI process promises analogue advantages (October 2005)
A fully complementary silicon on insulator bipolar foundry technology is designed to meet the high performance requirements of DVD players, digital video recorders and ADSL modems

Webcast to introduce novel analogue design tools (September 2005)
Analogue design engineers are invited to register on the TI website for a live Analog eLab webcast entitled 'Designing with Tina-TI'

All-in-one decoder takes analogue route to RGB (August 2005)
A novel decoder with an integrated 2:1 multiplexing video switch uses analogue technology to accurately convert standard and high-definition video signals to a computer video format

Acquisition brings in mixed-signal expertise (August 2005)
Silicon Laboratories has acquired Silicon Magike in an all-cash transaction for approximately $16 million

Power management seminars come to Europe (August 2005)
Power management experts from National Semiconductor will go on tour to share the company's latest power management technology and design tools at a series of technical seminars

Catalogue is a must for analogue design engineers (August 2005)
More than 50 new product lines have been added to Rhopoint Components' latest 200 page components catalogue

Process adds high power lateral DMOS devices (July 2005)
PolarFab has incorporated high power lateral DMOS devices into its popular Polar35 process family

Transmit-quality convertors use less power (July 2005)
Analog Devices has developed a low-power generation of its industry-leading TxDAC transmit digital-to-analogue convertors

Ceramic network offers military level precision (July 2005)
Welwyn Components has developed a military voltage divider that provides two matched resistors with precision absolute and ratio tolerances (+/-0.05%, +/-0.01%) on a single chip

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