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Start with the news release TME introduces Anly timers and counters from Transfer Multisort Elektronik , which we summarised at the time by saying "TME is offering a range of timers from Anly Electronics, a manufacturer of industrial automation components.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release TME pressure transducers for industrial tasks from Transfer Multisort Elektronik : "TME is offering the A-10 series of pressure transducers, including the A106BG range, designed for a variety of industrial applications.".

In May 2011, we covered the news from Rohde and Schwarz - take a look at DVB-C2 software coder for SFU signal generator which says: "Rohde and Schwarz has launched a DVB-C2 software coder for its SFU signal generator, aimed at broadcast receiver equipment and chipset manufacturers, certification bodies and cable network operators.".

Take a look also at the news release from Linear Technology, LTC6409 amplifier for pulsed-signal applications, as well as Clocks ICs suitable for OTN multiservice platforms from Silicon Laboratories, and Dual-gate logic devices suitable for smartphones from Diodes Incorporated.

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IDT releases range of digital thermal sensors (May 2011)

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has introduced a range of low-power temperature sensors targeted at DDR2 and DDR3 memory modules, solid-state drives and computing motherboards.

Receiver module serves needs of automotive sector (May 2011)

Fastrax has introduced the IT600 receiver module, which is specifically designed to serve the needs of the automotive industry.

Everlight introduces chip-on-board LED series (May 2011)

Everlight Electronics has introduced a new chip-on-board (COB) LED series that is suitable for 40W and 60W A-bulb replacement, recessed lighting and other indoor general lighting applications.

Microcontrollers feature mTouch sensing oscillator (May 2011)

TME offers PIC microcontrollers with an in-built mTouch sensing oscillator module for applications in the medical, industrial and automotive industries.

TME offers CRT-V1 timer from Cobi Electronic (May 2011)

TME is offering the CRT-V1 timer from Cobi Electronic, which offers 16 universal time functions and can operate in a delta-star switch, crosspoint switch or automatic landing switch configuration.

LCR offers EMI Filters for MRI-shielded rooms (May 2011)

LCR Electronics is offering two new series of EMI Filters for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) shielded rooms.

PWM controller targets power systems in telecom (May 2011)

Intersil has introduced a current mode PWM controller that is said to simplify design through feature integration and reduced component count.

LDO regulator is housed in ultra-small package (May 2011)

The XC6229 series is a high-speed LDO regulator housed in an ultra-small LGA-4B01 package.

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Further reading
  • RDP transducers give direct analogue output

    RDP Electronics' rugged MTS R Series analogue transducers are suited to a range of industrial applications that require a direct analogue output for continuous measurement of displacement and speed.
  • Analogue output card provides 16bit accuracy

    The PCI-6202 provides multiple programmable I/O options, including digital I/O (TTL), general-purpose timer/counters, motor encoder inputs and PWM outputs .
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