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Start with the news release System host board for energy and medical sectors from Kontron, which we summarised at the time by saying "Kontron has introduced the PICMG 1.3 system host PCI-761, a slot-card-sized industrial server board equipped with the Intel Q57 Express chipset for asynchronous real-time applications.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release PCE-5125 board ideal for industrial applications from Advantech: "Advantech has introduced the PCE-5125 PICMG 1.3 form-factor single-host board, designed with the Intel Q57/3450 Express platform for industrial applications that require high computing power.".

In December 2010, we covered the news from Axiomtek - take a look at SHB105 computer for network-intensive applications which says: "Axiomtek has launched the SHB105 PICMG 1.3 single-board computer for security applications and network-intensive applications such as NVR, DVR and visual inspection instruments. ".

Take a look also at the news release from Elma Electronic, VXS backplanes enable out-of-band communication, as well as Elma VXS backplanes enable system management from Elma Electronic, and Subrack ideal for Euroboards in 3U and 6U formats from Rittal.

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Verotec offers backplanes and extender cards (August 2010)

Verotec is offering a range of standard backplanes and extender cards for VPX, VME, VME64, VXI and VXS applications.

Schroff chassis houses PCBs or non-standard parts (August 2010)

Schroff has expanded its Multipacpro range of 19in chassis with the addition of a model that is suitable for applications such as audio equipment and test-and-measurement instrumentation.

VPX Backplane targets military applications (August 2010)

Elma's 3U VPX Backplane with connector for Radio Frequency (RF) and analogue signals is suited for use in military/aerospace applications where the VITA 46/65 specifications for VPX are targeted.

Trenton backplanes suit industrial display systems (July 2010)

The Trenton BPC7041 and BPC7009 industrial backplanes are now available for use in military and aerospace, virtualisation and video display systems.

Test platform connects multiple backplanes (July 2010)

Elma's Electronic Systems division has released a two-slot VPX/OpenVPX test and development platform that accommodates both 3U and 6U boards via a shelf divider.

Switches ideal for wireless infrastructure market (June 2010)

Integrated Device Technology has launched a family of Serial RapidIO Generation 2 switches for the wireless infrastructure, defence, medical and industrial imaging and professional video markets.

Axiomtek SBC utilises Intel Atom processing power (May 2010)

Axiomtek has announced the SBC81207 PICMG 1.0 full-size CPU card for embedded applications such as IP-PBX automation.

Nexcom offers PEAK 777VL2 single board computer (May 2010)

Nexcom has brought out the PICMG 1.0 full-size single board computer (SBC), which supports Intel 45nm Core 2 Duo/Quad technology and is equipped with the G41 chipset.

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Further reading
  • VXS backplanes enable out-of-band communication

    Elma is offering VXS backplanes with a Gigabit Ethernet Control Layer Channel per VITA 41.6, providing for out-of-band communication.
  • Elma VXS backplanes enable system management

    Elma's VXS backplanes, with a Gigabit Ethernet Control Layer Channel per VITA 41.6, enable system management, software and firmware upgrades, and the initiation of new processes on specific boards.
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