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Start with the news release Serdes chipsets for video and imaging applications from National Semiconductor, which we summarised at the time by saying "National Semiconductor has introduced its Channel Link III serialiser and deserialiser (Serdes) family that reduces interconnect size, weight and cost in industrial video and imaging applications.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Serdes chipsets drive high-res displays from National Semiconductor: "National Semiconductor has introduced serializer and deserializer (Serdes) chipsets capable of driving high-resolution, 24-bit colour flat-panel displays with a 65MHz clock. ".

In May 2008, we covered the news from LogicVision Europe - take a look at Test platform is optimised for shrinking SoCs which says: "Platform promises most effective combination of test quality of results, ease-of-adoption and test cost reductions specifically targeted for 65 and 45nm SoC designs.".

Take a look also at the news release from Spansion, Flash memories cut handset design costs, as well as Structured ASICs qualify for military duties from ON Semiconductor, and Manufacturing efficiency boosts Flash output from Spansion.

Latest stories...
Technology meets 65nm challenges (February 2008)

Faraday Technology's UMC 65nm LL allows users to generate memory options including words, bits and aspect ratios, while retaining the desired area, performance and power specification.

Ford integrates Bluetooth for hands free (December 2007)

The Sync system, incorporating CSR's Bluetooth silicon, will be fully integrated into 12 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models, including the 2008 Focus, Taurus X and Explorer.

Standards working group calls for feedback (April 2007)

The IEEE P1581 has set up its working group to define a low-overhead design-for-test methodology to be implemented in memory devices.

Variety of Flash memory types on a single chip (April 2007)

MirrorBit Eclipse architecture combines MirrorBit NOR, ORNAND and quad Flash memory on a single die, enabling smart mobile phones and multimedia portable devices with high performance and lower costs.

Wintegra signs up for memory BIST (February 2007)

Wintegra has selected LogicVision's leading-edge memory BIST solution, ETMemory, to help it meet its silicon manufacturing quality goals.

Pattern generators master jitter injection (January 2007)

Design and test engineers can now quickly and accurately stimulate serial high-speed ports with all types of jitter, enabling higher-quality characterisation of device performance.

Mobile entertainment platform features Bluetooth (January 2007)

CSR's BlueCore Bluetooth technology has been selected by Austriamicrosystems for its new mobile entertainment platform.

Interface cards bring chambers to boundary scan (December 2006)

TAP interface cards integrate environmental chambers for IEEE1149.x-based monitoring of stress tests such as HALT and HASS.

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Further reading
  • Boundary-scan system supports Intel's IBIST

    IBIST leverages the boundary-scan IEEE1149.1 specification as the hardware and software communication methodology for accessing and controlling its embedded on-chip capabilities.
  • Wintegra signs up for memory BIST

    Wintegra has selected LogicVision's leading-edge memory BIST solution, ETMemory, to help it meet its silicon manufacturing quality goals.
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