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Start with the news release Point-of-purchase display offers colour option from ZBD Displays, which we summarised at the time by saying "The e-paper quality of the EPOP 300 display is achieved by incorporating a patented nano-grating into the design of the bistable LCD.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Nonvolatile displays gain illumination from Varitronix UK: "Bistable cholesteric displays are now available with frontlights, making them suitable for use in low-light environments.".

In April 2008, we covered the news from Tyco Electronics UK - take a look at RF relays handle higher frequencies which says: "Latest additions to the range are designed for 50 or 75ohm impedance applications and a frequency range of 200MHz to 6GHz.".

Take a look also at the news release from Varitronix UK, Low-power displays boast excellent viewability, as well as Display drivers support electronic paper from Dialog Semiconductor, and UPS protects 24V systems from Puls UK.

Latest stories...
UK display innovation showcased in York (April 2006)

ZBD Displays will present the story of its success at the annual conference for the British Liquid Crystal Society at the University of York.

Switches maximise repeatable optical performance (June 2005)

A new family of single mode optical switches offer reduced insertion loss and higher repeatability in data and telecommunications access networks.

Powerful relay shows its sensitive side (April 2005)

RT series relays from Tyco Electronics combine high power and sensitivity, resulting in devices that are ideal for applications such as domestic appliances, heating control and emergency lighting.

Power relay absorbs high inrush currents (January 2005)

The Schrack RT-i power high-inrush relay is designed to handle peak inrush currents up to 800A.

NanoChromics displays come to the UK and Benelux (October 2004)

Trident is spearheading the introduction of an advanced new display technology, following an agreement with innovative Irish company NTERA.

Elininating noise in electromechanical relays (July 2004)

Careful selection of the correct type of electromechanical relay can avoid many of the effects of electrical- or heat-generated noise, explains Ian Purcell.

PCB-mounting relays handle post-solder wash (April 2004)

All versions of the 45 Series of PCB relays are now available in a wash tight option enabling the unit to withstand post-soldering washing procedures.

Mayne to step up product development (November 2003)

ZBD Displays has appointed Clive Mayne as Chief Operating Officer to step up its product development schedule.

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