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Start with the news release Monitoring system features Nordic transceivers from Nordic Semiconductor, which we summarised at the time by saying "Nordic Semiconductor has announced that Spantec has developed a fully comprehensive ANT+ telemedical remote monitoring system using Nordic nRF24AP2 eight-channel 2.4GHz ANT transceivers.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Development board for HMI/automotive applications from Mistral Solutions: "Mistral Solutions has announced Craneboard, a low-cost ARM-based development board that offers designers a fully open-source printed circuit board (PCB) and design to reduce development costs.".

In December 2010, we covered the news from Atmel - take a look at Atmel touch controller used in Sharp smartphones which says: "Atmel has announced that Sharp has selected its Maxtouch mXT224 touch controller to power the SH8128U smartphone. ".

Take a look also at the news release from Peregrine Semiconductor, SOS substrate enables IC semiconductor manufacture, as well as Chip filters optimise performance of mobile phones from Taiyo Yuden, and PCI mezzanine card targets the space industry from Aitech Defense Systems.

Latest stories...
RX architecture uses IAR Embedded Workbench (December 2010)

IAR Systems has announced that Renesas Electronics' RX microcontroller architecture is benefiting from the power debugging technology included in IAR Embedded Workbench.

Integrated routers for high-bandwidth M2M systems (December 2010)

The Digi Connect WAN 4G and Connectport X4 4G integrated routers are ideal for high-bandwidth M2M solutions such as digital signage, video surveillance and mobile computing applications.

Self-encrypting drive targets shared desktop PCs (December 2010)

Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD) has launched the MKxx61GSYD, a 7,200rev/min 2.5in self-encrypting drive (SED) designed for commercial notebooks and security-sensitive applications.

Microcontrollers designed for multi-applications (December 2010)

NXP Semiconductors has launched the SmartMX2, a range of secure microcontrollers designed for applications such as e-government, banking, pay TV, mobile transactions and public transport.

DC/DC converter runs from TEGs and thermopiles (November 2010)

The LTC3109 is a step-up DC/DC converter and power-management IC that is designed to start up and run from millivolt input voltage sources such as thermoelectric generators (TEGs) and thermopiles.

C-to-FPGA compiler supports Pico M-series modules (November 2010)

Impulse Accelerated Technologies' C-to-FPGA compiler is to be extended to support Pico Computing's M-series modules, for applications in security and bioinformatics.

Bridge chips support mobile system design (November 2010)

Elan Digital Systems has launched two bridge chips - the USBHC869 and VUB300 - designed to support tablet smartphones and other mobile system designs.

Icera modem drives Bandrich Pocket Router (November 2010)

Icera's Livanto HSPA+ soft modem is driving Bandrich's PR39 embedded HSPA+ and Wi-Fi Pocket Router, which delivers up to 21Mbps peak data rates downlink and 5.6Mbps uplink.

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