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Start with the news release Outdoor cooler uses bi-polar thermostatic control from Laird Technologies, which we summarised at the time by saying "Laird Technologies has announced the release of its outdoor thermoelectric cooler series with bi-polar thermostatic control. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Monitoring system features Nordic transceivers from Nordic Semiconductor: "Nordic Semiconductor has announced that Spantec has developed a fully comprehensive ANT+ telemedical remote monitoring system using Nordic nRF24AP2 eight-channel 2.4GHz ANT transceivers.".

In December 2010, we covered the news from Tektronix - take a look at Tektronix offers architecture for PCI Express 3.0 which says: "Tektronix has announced an addition to what it claims is the industry's most comprehensive solution for PCI Express 3.0.".

Take a look also at the news release from MSC Vertriebs, DC/DC converters suited for critical applications, as well as YDS jacks target Gigabit Ethernet applications from MSC Vertriebs, and TFT touch-panel PC for POS/kiosk applications from Avalue Technology.

Latest stories...
LCD display modules for gauges and meters (December 2010)

Saelig has announced the availability of uLCD-32PT, a 3.2in QVGA TFT with 65K LCD TFT display with integrated touch screen and smart graphics processor for industrial control and robotics.

Atmel touch controller used in Sharp smartphones (December 2010)

Atmel has announced that Sharp has selected its Maxtouch mXT224 touch controller to power the SH8128U smartphone.

Saelig offers USB-connected acceleration sensor (December 2010)

Saelig has introduced Joywarrior24F14, a high-resolution USB-connected three-axis acceleration sensor with 125ug sensitivity for tilt, low-frequency vibration sensing and human input applications.

Chip filters optimise performance of mobile phones (December 2010)

Taiyo Yuden's latest lines of chip filters are designed to optimise the performance, while minimising the size, of mobile phones.

Data modems dedicated to telematics and telemetry (December 2010)

The LISA-H and LISA-U UMTS/HSDPA data modems from U-blox are dedicated to telematics and telemetry applications that typically require only data and not the full 3G bandwidth.

Serial to USB module for security and fire panels (December 2010)

Alpha Micro Components now offers the DB9-USB-RS232 from Future Technology Devices International (FTDI), suitable for upgrading and migrating to USB 2.0 for RS232 interfaces, including audio products.

Radio modem operates in US ISM band frequencies (November 2010)

Circuit Design has announced the release of the MU-D1-R 915MHz, an embedded low-power radio transceiver modem for industrial use that complies with US FCC Part 15.247.

Connector inserts for aerospace applications (November 2010)

ITT has expanded its Arinc 600 series avionic connector product offering to include inserts that combine signal, power, Ethernet and fibre-optic data transmission into a single interconnect.

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Further reading
  • Bluetooth modules target embedded applications

    With the brand Wirelessembedded, Emxys is launching a renewed portfolio of Bluetooth modules specifically targeted to the embedded applications developer community.
  • Laird adds four Bluetooth modules to range

    Laird Technologies has announced the addition of four new Bluetooth modules to its range of wireless products.
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