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Laurence Marchini

Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "Bluetooth wireless technology", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release Adapter provides easy Bluetooth connections from connectBlue, which we summarised at the time by saying "connectBlue's adapter implements the master side of the IC bus interface and makes it possible to wirelessly enable a number of slaves on an IC bus". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Smartphone supports efficient compression from Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS: "Fraunhofer IIS MPEG-4 audio and video coding technology is helping Palm enhance its multimedia offerings in the new Palm Treo 700p smartphone".

In May 2006, we covered the news from Ezurio concerning its Bluetooth Intelligent Serial Modules - take a look at Bluetooth modules enhance automotive security which says: "A new car security system that identifies car owners through the Bluetooth element of their mobile phones is set to revolutionise the fight against car thieves".

Take a look also at the news release from Texas Instruments (April 2001-March 2006), Bluetooth and FM coexist in harmonious RF chip, as well as Software helps Bluetooth run over UWB radio from Open Interface North America, and Creativity is key to keyboard success from Venture Development Corp.

See also:

Audio DSP helps headphones to CES awards (January 2006)
The BelaSigna 200 DSP-based audio processing system is featured in the award-winning Bluetake i-Phono Mini Bluetooth stereo headphones

Bluetooth gizmo to keep charity ride on track (September 2005)
Employees from CSR are to join the British Heart Foundation London to Paris sponsored cycle ride taking place from 10th to 12th September 2005

Charger chips cut circuit component counts (June 2005)
National Semiconductor has introduced a single-cell USB/AC charger and a charge control and protection circuit for embedded lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries

It's smart to add Bluetooth to dumb devices (May 2005)
Brainboxes has developed a new Bluetooth serial port adapter to enable 'dumb' devices with RS232 serial connectors to connect wirelessly with other devices

Single chip brings Bluetooth and GPS together (March 2005)
The RF8900 is billed as the industry's first sole-source 'converged' Bluetooth/GPS solution

Single-chip solutions drive voice over WLAN (March 2005)
TI's new WiLink mobile wireless LAN (mWLAN) platform includes single-chip solutions to drive voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) into mainstream mobile phones

New Bluetooth profiles available now (November 2004)
Atinav has released a new set of Bluetooth profiles including A2DP, GAVDP, HID, BIP, BPP and HCRP

CSR tops 50 million Bluetooth chips (September 2004)
CSR has shipped 50 million Bluetooth chips since its foundation

Pocket PCs bring wireless technologies together (July 2004)
A range of TI wireless solutions, including Bluetooth technology, OMAP processors and 802.11 WLAN technology, will be included in two new converged mobile devices from the HP iPAQ Pocket PC series

Kit aims for Bluetooth expansion (July 2004)
The Linux-based Impronto Developer Kit (DK) will help software developers to design Java/Bluetooth applications for a variety of wireless devices

Bluetooth modules move into the field (June 2004)
Brainboxes has worked with AginfoLink to bring Bluetooth wireless technology to livestock tracking applications

Standard module is tailored Bluetooth solution (June 2004)
Brainboxes is supplying a customised Bluetooth solution to Microvision, the Washington-State-based leader in high-resolution scanned beam display and imaging systems

Bluetooth range upgrades to latest specs (June 2004)
Brainboxes, is updating its Bluetooth hardware to be compliant with the latest version of the Bluetooth specification (v1.2)

Bluetooth adapters set standard for Windows CE (May 2004)
The Brainboxes range of adapters and convertors for Bluetooth wireless technology have been selected by developers at Microsoft Corp as test hardware for Windows CE Platform Builder

Florence says 'time for coexistence' at 2.4GHz (March 2004)
The single-chip UltimateBlue Bluetooth solution and the codeveloped Intel Wireless Coexistence System have been integrated into Intel's 'Florence' concept PCs

Bluetooth module just needs an antenna (March 2004)
A new surface-mount Bluetooth wireless module (version 1.1 compliant) is ideally suited to embedded applications

Big guns collaborate in phone reference design (February 2004)
Motorola has teamed up with other technology specialists to help manufacturers significantly reduce the development time of enhanced multimedia feature phones

Acoustic echo canceller aids hands-free design (February 2004)
The Spirit RealDuplex acoustic echo canceller (AEC) is aimed at OEMs planning to develop hands-free car kits

Bluetooth module increases safe working distances (February 2004)
Brainboxes is working with Power Isolators to improve the safety of power engineers working on electricity networks

Bourk to play crucial role in Bluetooth review (January 2004)
Silicon Wave Senior Director of Advanced Products, Terry Bourk, has been selected to serve as Chairman of the Bluetooth Architectural Review Board (BARB)

Bluetooth chip puts PDA into navigation system (January 2004)
CSR BlueCore Bluetooth silicon has been selected by Navman, a world leader in mobile GPS navigation, for its Navman GPS 4400 in-vehicle system

Milestone for Bluetooth module shipments (December 2003)
SMART Modular Technologies has shipped its one-millionth Bluetooth module since January 2003

Built-in Bluetooth keeps Saab drivers' hands free (December 2003)
BlueCore Bluetooth silicon is being used by Saab to apply wireless technology in its 9-3 models

Bluetooth tester evolves to latest specs (December 2003)
Cetecom Spain has upgraded its BITE platform to test Bluetooth V1.2 devices

BenQ adds Bluetooth to smartphone (November 2003)
BenQ has selected CSR to supply Bluetooth wireless technology to its latest mobile handset, the P30

Single-chip Bluetooth enables mice and keyboards (November 2003)
The BlueCore single chip solution is to be used by Logitech, the leading supplier of cordless peripherals, in its Bluetooth mouse and keyboard product offerings

Complete Bluetooth system shrinks to one package (November 2003)
The BGB202 SiP is billed as the industry's first complete plug-and-play Bluetooth solution in a single low-cost chip package for applications such as mobile phones, headsets, car kits and PDAs

Radio modem certified for CDMA and 3G handsets (October 2003)
The SiW1712TM UltimateBlue radio modem has received certification for use with CDMA chipsets with an integrated Bluetooth baseband

Apple picks adaptive frequency hopping solution (September 2003)
Apple has selected CSR's BlueCore chips with adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) to Bluetooth-enable its line of professional PowerBook G4 notebooks

Pair to provide Japanese Bluetooth qualification (September 2003)
Cetecom and SGS Japan are set to open a Bluetooth qualification test facility (BQTF) in Japan

Battery power for Bluetooth payment terminals (August 2003)
Financial transactions systems company Ingenico has chosen Saft VH AA Ni-MH batteries to power its two latest wireless payment terminals

Single 32bit chip mops up multiprocessor designs (July 2003)
The MPC5200 combines low power, high performance and a broad range of input/output in a single, cost-effective package

Bluetooth solution adds telephony to prototype PC (July 2003)
The BlueCore single-chip solution has been chosen by Microsoft Corp to bring Bluetooth wireless technology to its 'Athens' prototype PC

Online store has tools for Bluetooth developers (June 2003)
The new Oidirect online store ( provides easy access for application developers of embedded systems employing Bluetooth technology to purchase evaluation tools

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