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Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "CDMA", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release Power amps cut handset transmission drain from Avago Technologies, which we summarised at the time by saying "Active bypass mode in power amplifiers provides tremendous benefit to extending handset battery life in today's CDMA and UMTS/GSM networks". The same day, we featured the news release Chipsets enable connected mobile entertainment from Qualcomm: "Combined support for wireless connectivity; high-accuracy multimode GPS positioning; a high-performance applications processor; support for broadcast mobile TV; and rich multimedia".

In February 2008, we covered the news from TDC (Telecom Design Communications) concerning its Antenova M10214 GPS receiver - take a look at GPS receiver combines RF and antenna modules which says: "TDC's Antenova M10214 can track up to 20 satellites simultaneously and maintain a fix at speeds of more than 500m/s".

Take a look also at the news release from Qualcomm, Chipsets upgrade for the long term, as well as WiFi accessory offers an easy upgrade from Telit Wireless Solutions, and Mobile duplexer cuts size and losses from Avago Technologies.

See also:

Software makes sense of complex signals (January 2008)
Latest version provides complete multidimensional testing operations and advanced analysis and data generation capabilities

RF modules to cash in on ultra-low-cost handsets (January 2008)
Highly integrated modules offer a reduced bill of materials, smaller size, longer battery life and proven interoperability with leading single-chip silicon radios

R and D tester offers wide compatability (January 2008)
The S-CAT 6000 seamlessly integrates with a wide range of external equipment, enabling testing over RF bearers such as GSM/GPRS, EGPRS, WCDMA, UMA/GAN, CDMA 2000, LTE and TD-SCDMA

Seven-band antenna covers all laptop needs (December 2007)
In addition to 3G Broadband Wireless, Antenova's full diversity seven-band antenna provides convenient next-generation 802.11n (draft) WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity

Modulator and demodulator cover a broad band (December 2007)
The ADL5375 and ADL5382 devices enable equipment designers to implement and standardise on solutions that address the wide range of operating frequency bands and standards

Two baseband processors replace nine DSPs (November 2007)
Baseband processors to feature in mobile broadband basestations currently being readied for the Beijing Olympics

Cellular processors sport gigahertz cores (November 2007)
Snapdragon devices combine mobile data processing, multimedia performance, 3G wireless connectivity and the lowest levels of power consumption for all-day battery life

Mobile internet solution released for laptops (October 2007)
The Gobi solution is meeting the demand from notebook manufacturers for worldwide connectivity capabilities beyond Wi-Fi

Synthesiser provides low phase noise (October 2007)
Analog Devices' ADF4157 25bit fixed-modulus divider provides ultra-fine frequency resolution

Wireless router offers secure connections (September 2007)
The ZyWAN is an application ready platform with unrivalled development tools and support

FCXO promises superior phase noise performance (August 2007)
Frequency controlled crystal oscillator enables customers to convert one input frequency into as many as four independent output frequencies to simplify clock distribution

45nm process comes on-stream (August 2007)
Qualcomm has taped out its first product on a power-optimised 45nm process that uses advanced immersion lithography and very low k intermetal dielectrics

Radio modules can be programmed with Python (July 2007)
Easy-to-program SMT-compatible radio modules ease design of location-enabled equipment

Alliance to set standard for TD-SCDMA conformance (June 2007)
Aeroflex collaborates with the Beijing StarPoint Telecommunication Software Company on the first full TD-SCDMA protocol conformance test system

Handset tester turns to CDMA2000 (June 2007)
Wireless handset test system gains CDMA2000 option in addition to GSM and WCDMA compatibility

Quintplexer keeps handset signals distinct (June 2007)
FBAR-based quintplexer module helps designers create ultrasmall high-performance mobile phones that deliver simultaneous GPS functionality

Amps enable advanced RF radio architectures (June 2007)
RF amplifier portfolio of 12 new devices covers the complete RF signal chain

GPS clock is on time for network synchronisation (May 2007)
GPS receiver and ovenised quartz oscillator are combined to provide precision timing and synchronisation of wireless data and voice networks

Dual-band power amp aids handset integration (May 2007)
The AWT6310R dual-band power amplifier module is used by LG Electronics in its VX9400 mobile phone

Revenues illustrate continued Bluetooth domination (May 2007)
CSR has recorded unaudited first quarter revenues of US $160.1 million - 19% higher than the same quarter in 2006

More scope for M2M distribution (April 2007)
Distribution deal with Telit Wireless Solutions is extended to cover the UK and Ireland

Automotive tester majors on infotainment systems (April 2007)
Functional test system is designed to test all infotainment and telematics modules in cars

Cellular modules are a perfect fit (April 2007)
Symmetry Electronics will promote and sell Telit's GSM/GPRS modules to its customer base throughout North and Latin America

News on the CDMA 1X and 1XEVDO Power Amplifiers from Anadigics (March 2007)
New power amplifiers greatly reduce overall power consumption

Customised module to power low cost 2G handsets (March 2007)
Comtech Group has signed a major deal to provide customised module solution to ZTE Corp, one of the world's top providers of telecommunications and network solutions

Qualcomm supports CDMA Smartphones (March 2007)
Qualcomm's Mobile Station Modem (MSM) MSM7525 for CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev A devices will enable cost-effective Smartphones with advanced capabilities to be more readily affordable to wireless users

Single-chip products boost mobile-phone handsets (March 2007)
Single chip products reduce the cost of adding advanced multimedia features to mobile phones in developing markets

Single-chip handset accelerates to 1xEV- DO Rev A (March 2007)
The new QSC6085 solution for CDMA2000 1xEV- DO Rev A will deliver more than ten-times the speed of EV-DO Rel 0

Chipset is first device solution for EV-DO Rev B (March 2007)
The MSM7850 solution provides manufacturers with a highly integrated, flexible solution to deliver the capabilities of Rev B on consumer products

Qualcomm denies Nokia's patent-exhaustion claims (March 2007)
Qualcomm calls Nokia's allegations 'entirely meritless'

SAW duplexers shrink to chip-size packages (February 2007)
Small, lightweight surface acoustic wave (SAW) duplexer has a built-in matching circuit featuring improved attenuation and isolation characteristics

Power detector for testing 3G handsets (February 2007)
National's LMV221 RF power detector enables precise power control that is stable over a large temperature range and accurate over a wide dynamic range

Power amps save handset power with bypass mode (February 2007)
Avago Technologies has improved its innovative CoolPAM power amplifier architecture to extend handset battery life

Flash memory products meet future handset designs (February 2007)
A new family of Flash memory products from Spansion has been pre-qualified with Qualcomm's handset reference design platforms

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