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Laurence Marchini

Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "Cellular basestations", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.
Start with the news release Convertor copes with green energy standards from Advanced Analogic Technologies, which we summarised at the time by saying "Synchronous step-down DC/DC convertor offers power savings in a variety of industrial applications, especially those using backplanes". A few weeks before, we featured the news release PCB laminates answer RF demands from Rogers Corp: "Laminates provide the controlled relative permittivity, low loss and passive intermodulation response required by the wireless infrastructure market".
In May 2007, we covered the news from Linear Technology Corp concerning its LT5571 - take a look at Modulator boasts high dynamic range which says: "High-performance quadrature modulator is optimised for 850 to 965MHz GSM, CDMA2000, ISM and RFID modulator applications".
Take a look also at the news release from SynQor Europe, Bricks to power cellular basestations, as well as Oscillator cuts the cost of comms kit from Bliley Technologies, and Distribution agreement spreads down under from Nu Horizons Electronics Corp.

See also:

Digital attenuator boosts linearity (November 2006)
6bit digital step attenuator is designed for applications requiring extremely high linearity such as cellular basestations and repeaters, fixed wireless and WiMAX and WiBro

IC package puts Ethernet over existing copper (October 2006)
Galazar Networks has expanded its portfolio of carrier Ethernet transport solutions with the introduction of its CopperNode and CopperNodeHE products

Quadrature modulator goes direct-to-RF (October 2006)
Quadrature modulator is optimised for direct conversion from baseband to the 850-965MHz frequency band

Power detector includes fast comparator (July 2006)
The LTC5536 RF power detector is billed as the first to include a fast comparator

Buffer/multiplexers boast best signal integrity (May 2006)
Four new current-mode logic signal-conditioning buffers and multiplexers feature 25ps of jitter for the best signal integrity in the industry

Balanced amplifier modules reduce system noise (April 2006)
Very-low-noise high-linearity high-gain balanced amplifier modules operate in the 1.8 to 2.2GHz frequency range

GaN-on-diamond wafers handle the heat (April 2006)
Group4 Labs has developed the world's first 2in galli