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Start with the news release Self-protected MOSFETs for automotive applications from Diodes Incorporated, which we summarised at the time by saying "Suiting automotive and industrial applications, Diodes Incorporated's new self-protected MOSFETs are suitable for switching inductive loads, such as motors, relays and lamps at low frequencies. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release AC/DC power converters for medical applications from Bear Power Supplies: "Bear's compact and rugged BP Series encapsulated AC/DC power converters are available for purchase online, simplifying OEM evaluation for commercial, industrial and medical applications. ".

In December 2010, we covered the news from Aimtec - take a look at 1W power supplies offer efficiency of 89 per cent which says: "Aimtec has broadened its product line with the addition of the AM1D-RZ series of 1W power supplies, featuring 80 models with efficiency rates up to 89 per cent and load regulation of six per cent.".

Take a look also at the news release from Aimtec, Aimtec power supplies offer auto-recovery restart, as well as Voltage controller with integrated power MOSFET from Linear Technology, and Rugged flame-retardent laminates for military PCBs from Rogers.

Latest stories...
VGA for wireless infrastructure transceivers (December 2010)

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX2062, a fully programmable, multistate, dual-channel, analogue and digital IF/RF variable-gain amplifier suitable for automatic gain control circuits.

Sensor IC withstands harsh automotive environments (December 2010)

Allegro Microsystems has launched the A1356, a user-programmable linear Hall-effect sensor IC with a pulse width modulated (PWM) output for automotive gear and clutch detection and position sensing.

Globtek offers desktop-style power supplies (December 2010)

Globtek has launched the GT-41133 series of desktop-style power supplies with IEC 60320/C6, C8 or C14 inlets.

OKW enclosures house small electronic devices (December 2010)

OKW Enclosures' range of shell-type range of robust plastic enclosures have been designed to house small electronic devices including test and measurement, medical, peripherals and interfaces.

DC/DC converters suited for critical applications (December 2010)

MSC is offering the 92D series DC/DC converters from YDS, which are suited for use in critical applications.

HTC material for low loss in high-power circuits (December 2010)

Rogers has introduced RT/duroid 6035HTC, a high-thermal-conductivity (HTC) laminate material engineered for low loss in high-power circuits.

Connector system for engine control units and more (December 2010)

Molex has introduced its CMX sealed, hybrid, high-density and modular connector system, which utilises the CTX terminal system and is suitable for transportation powertrain applications.

Carling switches target transportation industry (December 2010)

Master Distributors has announced that it now carries a range of switches, including rocker, toggle, pushbutton and rotary styles, manufactured by Carling Technologies.

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Further reading
  • Schurter offers covers for TA35 circuit breakers

    Schurter has introduced protection covers for its TA35 series Circuit Breaker, which is targeted at laboratory equipment for chemical and medical applications.
  • DSC enhances circuit breakers' pulse performance

    TT Electronics Welwyn Components has re-engineered the core range of industrial circuit breakers for a major manufacturer of these devices.
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