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Laurence Marchini

Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "Digital media processor", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release Dedicated DSP accelerates video transcoding from Texas Instruments (April 2006-), which we summarised at the time by saying "DSP-based system-on-chip is specifically tuned for real-time multiformat, high-definition video transcoding". A few weeks before, we featured the news release Digital media processor extends battery life from Texas Instruments (April 2006-): "The DM355 digital video evaluation module (DVEVM) allows developers to quickly and easily create low-cost portable, digital video devices with HD video capability".

In July 2007, we covered the news from Sundance Multiprocessor Technology concerning its Digital Video Infrastructure Platform - take a look at DSPs and FPGAs combine to host video development which says: "Platform offers original equipment manufacturers a complete, integrated solution for digital video development".

Take a look also at the news release from Texas Instruments (April 2006-), Reference designs speed camera introductions, as well as DaVinci technology in high-volume digital cameras from Texas Instruments (April 2006-), and Digital media processor enables video surveillance from Texas Instruments (April 2006-).

See also:

FPGA and DSP accelerate image development (October 2006)
A new FPGA and DSP codesign platform for developing image processing equipment, the SMT339, has been launched by Sundance Multiprocessor Systems

Digital media processor is made for cameras (September 2006)
Texas Instruments has leveraged its world-class DaVinci technology to introduce an optimised digital still camera (DSC) silicon with a production-ready reference design

ARM and DSP combine for portable multimedia (September 2006)
Dual-core processor based on DaVinci technology powers the latest line of Archos portable multimedia players, the 404, 504 and 604

Digital media processors add content protection (September 2006)
Widevine Technologies has embedded its protection capabilities into DaVinci digital media processors to facilitate secure consumption of broadcast and VOD content on consumer devices

IPTV set-top box to become reference design (July 2006)
IntAct is to produce a full reference design based on the award-winning AmiNET124 IPTV set-top box

JPEG2000 Codecs available (June 2006)
Kane Computing (KCL) is now supplying BroadMotion's JPEG2000 compression/decompression (codec) technology

Enterprise SIP phone is driven by DSP (June 2006)
The low power TMS320C5501 digital signal processor (DSP) was selected by Grandstream Networks for the GXP-2000, a next generation enterprise SIP phone

Software portfolio is single source for multimedia (March 2006)
Simplifying access to the most advanced, production-ready software for digital media applications, Texas Instruments has launched a complete portfolio of own-brand digital media software

Digital media processor wins product award (February 2006)
Internet Telephony magazine has named TI's TMS320DM642 digital media processor as a recipient of a 2005 Product of the Year Award

Processor platform helps VoD box to compliance (February 2006)
Humax has leveraged TI's programmable digital media processor platform to achieve T-Online certification for its three-in-one RG-100 set top box

Processors add more functions to latest cameras (January 2006)
Texas Instruments digital media processing technology is incorporated in three new Kodak EasyShare cameras announced last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

DSP-based devices star in magazine awards (December 2005)
Popular Science has named TI DSP-enabled products from Kodak, Liberating Technologies and Sling Media as winners of the 2005 'Best of What's New Awards'

DSL router brings video to the home (October 2005)
Several OEMs using TI technology have added video capabilities to digital subscriber line based residential gateways

Media processor adds intelligence to video server (September 2005)
MangoDSP has released its Mango IVS (intelligent video server) running on TI's TMS320DM642 digital media processor

Alliance aims for set-top-box harmony (September 2005)
TI is working with ANT and Orca Interactive to facilitate interoperability for manufacturers looking for low-risk solutions that will hasten the design cycle of IP set-top-box products and services

Photo kiosks set for pan-American deployment (August 2005)
ePoint Technology has signed an exclusive four-year deal with Arrow Media Solutions to deliver a new photo kiosk solution to retail venues in the USA, Canada and Latin America

Digital media processor helps timeshift TV (July 2005)
TI's DSP-based digital media processor technology is at the heart of the first-of-its-kind Slingbox from Sling Media

Media processor keeps watch with Windows (June 2005)
WiLife has combined technology from TI and Microsoft in creating the world's first DIY professional-grade digital video surveillance system for the residential and small office marketplace

Processor is optimised for videoconferencing (June 2005)
The TMS320DM642 DSP-based digital media processor provides the foundation required to bring high-definition video and audio to the videoconferencing market

Media processor adds H.264 support in one (June 2005)
Amino Communications is using the TMS320DM642 digital media processor in its next-generation AmiNET124 IPTV set-top box, which includes support for the H.264 advanced video codec

Digital media processor aids intelligent video (May 2005)
Axis Communications has selected TI's high performance TMS320DM642 digital media processor to power its next generation of intelligent video products

Collaboration to aid portable device development (May 2005)
TI is working with Microsoft on future versions of the Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centre Software Kit, enabling manufacturers to develop portable media centres with TI hardware

Digital media processor powers three-in-one box (April 2005)
Humax, one of the leading set top box manufacturers in the world, has capitalised on TI's high performance digital media processor platform for its three-in-one RG100 set top box

Digital media processor gains secure transactions (April 2005)
Latens Systems has ported its IP CAS to Texas Instruments' digital media processor platform

Media processors turn to intelligence solutions (April 2005)
ObjectVideo OnBoard is a novel product line that includes ObjectVideo's leading intelligent video application software optimised for operation with TI's DSP-based digital media processors

Media processor adds codec support for TV (April 2005)
Complete Media Systems is using TI's TMS320DM642 digital media processor in its new CMS500 set top box, supporting both Internet protocol and DVB-T networks

Platform promises speedy videophone development (February 2005)
The VDP videophone development platform is a complete development platform for designing point-to-point IP-based videophone systems

Digital media processor helps 'placeshift' TV (February 2005)
The Slingbox Personal Broadcaster is a groundbreaking product from Sling Media that won numerous awards at the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show

Digital media processor powers MPEG-4 decoder (January 2005)
A new MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 decoder technology platform for IP set-top boxes leverages Texas Instruments' DM64x digital media processors

Digital media processor powers novel Kodak camera (January 2005)
The latest digital media processing technology from TI features in the first-of-its-kind Kodak EasyShare One zoom digital camera

Browser runs on digital media processor (January 2005)
ANT Galio software for the TI TMS320DM642 digital media processor provides advanced video applications

Software and ICs enable broadband comms (January 2005)
Broadband phone company Vonage and Texas Instruments are extending their relationship to include TI VoIP software and semiconductors in new Vonage-compatible communications products

Processor to showcase high-definition broadcast (January 2005)
A live demonstration at CES 2005 will showcase the advanced profile of VC-1, the proposed SMPTE standard based on Windows Media Video 9 for high definition broadcast

Picture quality is key to digital camera market (October 2004)
According to a survey sponsored by TI, 97% of European digital still camera owners and 99% of those intending to purchase within six months rate picture quality as the most important attribute

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