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Start with the news release HSAutolink Interconnect System supports USB 2.0 from Molex UK, which we summarised at the time by saying "Molex has announced its HSAutolink Interconnect System, an emerging high-speed data bus that connects portable devices to vehicles, now supports USB 2.0.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release LEC-7500 expected to speed development of HD signs from Lanner Electronics: "Lanner Electronics has released the Lanner LUGE LEC-7500, which is a fanless embedded-computer based on the Intel Atom.".

In June 2009, we covered the news from Freescale Semiconductor - take a look at Freescale releases digital-output pressure sensor which says: "Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a digital-output pressure sensor to simplify system design and enable increased memory storage density for the hard-disk drives (HDDs) used in laptops and PCs.".

Take a look also at the news release from Interalia Communications (electronics), RTPI system tells bus arrival times in Warrington, as well as Aspen offers redesigned Bird 5000-XT power meter from Aspen Electronics, and Avalue extends Mini PC series with Atom platforms from Display Solutions.

Latest stories...
EMX-945GSE Mini-ITX supports 48-bit LVDS (June 2009)

Display is offering Avalue's EMX-945GSE Mini-ITX motherboard with Atom N270 platform, for light-weight low-power embedded applications.

SiGe adds SE2571U front-end module to Wi-Fi range (June 2009)

SiGe Semiconductor has expanded its Wi-Fi product range with the SE2571U front-end module.

MicroETXexpress supports graphics in small devices (June 2009)

Kontron has brought out the MicroETXexpress-DC Computer-on-Module, which offers superior graphics performance in mini devices.

Renesas enhances SH-Navij car navigation SoC range (June 2009)

Renesas Technology Europe has brought out the SH77722 (SH-Navij2) device, the second-phase product in its SH-Navij car navigation SoC (system-on-chip) series.

Designware SATA IP aids 6Gbps data-transfer (June 2009)

Synopsys's Designware SATA AHCI host and device digital controller IP accelerates the deployment of the 6Gbps interface into solid-state drives and enterprise-class storage-system SoCs.

CMB-374 fanless system uses Atom N270 processor (June 2009)

BVM has unveiled the CMB-374, a fanless system built around the LE-374 3.5in motherboard fitted with the Atom N270 ultra-low power processor running at 1.6GHz.

SMT703 adds flexibility to Wimax development (June 2009)

Sundance has released the SMT703 Wimax development system.

UH-1C simplifies HDMI extension (June 2009)

Hall Research will release the 'UH-1C HDMI over a Single Cat5' extension kit at Infocomm09, which will take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida in June 2009.

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