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Start with the news release Driver ICs suit arcade games and card readers from Toshiba Electronics, which we summarised at the time by saying "Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched two high-voltage, high-current motor driver ICs designed to simplify stepper motor-based designs in a variety of office automation and industrial applications.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Allegro driver ICs improve stepper-motor control from Allegro Microsystems: "Two full-bridge stepper-motor driver ICs, the A4986 and A4987, have been introduced by Allegro Microsystems.".

In May 2010, we covered the news from Allegro Microsystems - take a look at DMOS motor driver ICs for office automation market which says: "Allegro Microsystems Europe has introduced four DMOS microstepping motor driver ICs for the office automation market.".

Take a look also at the news release from Allegro Microsystems, Allegro introduces photoflash charger ICs, as well as Maxim releases low-noise step-up converter from Maxim Integrated Products, and IC prevents motor damage from Allegro MicroSystems Europe.

Latest stories...
Power amplifier preserves audio quality (January 2008)

STMicroelectronics' STA510F amplifier preserves the full audio quality of the PWM input signal, providing a cost-effective output stage for demanding but price- sensitive applications

Motor drive IC incorporates translator circuitry (September 2007)

The built-in translator circuitry makes the A4983 very easy to operate, and requires only two control lines compared with eight or more for competing devices.

Switching regulators protect against spikes (August 2007)

High-efficiency 2A integrated FET step-down DC/DC switching regulators support wide operating input voltages and can handle transient spikes up to 100V.

Two motor drivers come together (July 2007)

Single IC provides simultaneous drive for both a DC motor and stepper motor.

Convertor chip claims standby savings (June 2007)

DC/DC convertor reduces power usage for a wide range of 12V industrial applications as well as higher powered portable systems operating from dual-cell lithium-ion/polymer batteries.

Switch interface needs no sense resistor (June 2007)

Dual-channel switch interface IC aims to simplify the implementation of two-wire Hall-effect sensor systems in automotive applications.

Two in one for cost-effective motor control (June 2007)

Full-bridge motor driver IC is designed to control two DC motors at currents up to 2.4A and drive voltages up to 36V.

Load switch supports 21V operation (April 2007)

The AAT4285 is an integrated slew-rate controlled load switch capable of supporting 12V operation.

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Further reading
  • DMOS motor driver ICs for office automation market

    Allegro Microsystems Europe has introduced four DMOS microstepping motor driver ICs for the office automation market.
  • LDMOS transistors aid design of wireless stations

    Infineon Technologies AG has introduced a range of high-power LDMOS transistors for the design of broadband wireless-network base stations.
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