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Start with the news release Low-profile splitter module for VDSL2 applications from Pulse, which we summarised at the time by saying "Pulse, a developer of components for use in the computer, networking, communications, defence and automotive industries, has introduced a low-profile central-office (CO) splitter module.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Tyco Electronics launches miniature trunk cable from Tyco Electronics: "Tyco Electronics has launched a Madison Cable brand Category 5E miniature trunk cable designed for the telecommunication and data communication industries.".

In January 2010, we covered the news from Stewart Connector - take a look at Interconnect system for limited-space applications which says: "Stewart Connector has announced the availability of the modular MRJ21 interconnect system under a license agreement with Tyco Electronics.".

Take a look also at the news release from ON Semiconductor, ON TSPDs protect sensitive electronic equipment, as well as Opulan introduces EOC and EPON chips from Opulan Technologies, and Silicon Labs releases clock multiplier IC from Silicon Laboratories.

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Gas discharge tubes prevent overvoltage (November 2008)

Tyco Electronics has announced the addition of devices to its line of gas discharge tubes (GDTs).

ON Semiconductor offers surge protection devices (October 2008)

ON Semiconductor has announced the release of a family of low-capacitance Thyristor Surge Protection Devices (TSPD) designed to protect the next generation of high-speed telecom equipment.

Infineon introduces ADSL2+ device (October 2008)

Infineon Technologies has announced the Xway ARX168, a single-chip ADSL2+ device with integrated Gigabit Ethernet support, IPTV support and over 150Mbps wireless data rate performance.

Chipsets power next-generation DSL comms (August 2008)

Zhone Technologies uses Ikanos' VDSL2 chipsets for their feature set, performance and reliability, and because they offer the lowest power consumption per port in the industry.

Surge protectors safeguard telecomms kit (November 2007)

Thyristor surge protection devices provide overvoltage protection by diverting energy away from the circuit being protected.

Processors handle Ethernet demands (October 2007)

NPA network processors address the transition of carrier access from ATM/TDM based networks to Ethernet packet-based networks and the provisioning of triple-play services.

Telecommunications company makes Ethernet choice (October 2007)

Broadcom and ZyXEL are providing VDSL2 IP DSLAM and customer premises equipment (CPE) products to Chunghwa Telecom for its next-generation VDSL2 access network.

Processor improves DSL device designs (May 2007)

Upgraded IP-DSLAM processor is software compatible with the previous generation of WinArrow devices, simplifying upgrades for OEMs.

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