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Start with the news release PCI mezzanine card targets the space industry from Aitech Defense Systems, which we summarised at the time by saying "Aitech Defense Systems is offering the S750, said to be the space industry's first COTS, radiation-tolerant, Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch PCI mezzanine card (PMC).". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Control system enables smooth motor movements from ST Microelectronics: "ST Microelectronics has developed a complete motor-control system on a chip for equipment such as security cameras, cash dispensers, ticketing machines, stage lighting, printers and vending machines.".

In November 2010, we covered the news from Impulse Accelerated Technologies - take a look at C-to-FPGA compiler supports Pico M-series modules which says: "Impulse Accelerated Technologies' C-to-FPGA compiler is to be extended to support Pico Computing's M-series modules, for applications in security and bioinformatics.".

Take a look also at the news release from Atmel, Industrial control MCUs have floating point unit, as well as Software development tools enable DSP programming from Texas Instruments, and Digital PFC controllers for energy-related markets from Avnet Memec.

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MCUs for integration in factory automation systems (September 2010)

Renesas Electronics has released two 32-bit All Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) for integration in factory automation (FA) systems, such as motion drives, servo drives and inverters.

Touch-sensing controller for medical applications (September 2010)

Cypress Semiconductor has launched a Capsense capacitive touch-sensing controller that enables designers to achieve mechanical button replacement without having to write firmware.

NXP IC ideal for solar battery charge controllers (August 2010)

NXP Semiconductor has launched the MPT612, a low-power IC dedicated to performing the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function for applications using solar photovoltaic cells or fuel cells.

Laser-beam software suits demanding applications (August 2010)

Ophir-Spiricon has announced that its Beamgage next-generation laser-beam analysis software supports the Xeva InGaAs NIR Camera for demanding applications.

Video processors enable portable systems design (August 2010)

Da Vinci DM37x video processors from Texas Instruments are designed to enable software and hardware engineers to design more media-rich, portable applications.

Synopsys adds TDD mode to LTE Model Library (August 2010)

Synopsys has announced the availability of the Time Division Duplex (TDD) mode in its Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Model Library for physical layer system simulation.

Reference designs for standby power supplies (July 2010)

Power Integrations has published two standby power supply reference designs using its Topswitch-JX IC product family, targeting applications that require more than 90 per cent full-load efficiency.

CoreFFT IP can be used in spaceflight applications (July 2010)

Actel has launched CoreFFT v4.0, an intellectual property core providing Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) capabilities to DSP solutions in high-reliability, radiation-tolerant spaceflight applications.

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