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Start with the news release Ocean Blue SoCs suited for connected TV products from Ocean Blue, which we summarised at the time by saying "Ocean Blue Software has ported its Sunrise HD DVB stack and Voyager HD MHEG-5 stack onto set-top box (STB) chipsets from Renesas and Trident.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Gain blocks for cellular bands GSM, CDMA and UMTS from Avago Technologies: "Avago Technologies has expanded its high-performance power amplifier range with the MGA-31589 and MGA-31689 0.5-watt gain blocks, suitable for cellular infrastructure applications.".

In December 2010, we covered the news from Magna-Power Electronics - take a look at High slew-rate option for power supplies which says: "Power supply expert Magna-Power Electronics has released a high slew-rate output option to meet the demands of fast-performance DC applications such as battery charging and photovoltaic emulation.".

Take a look also at the news release from Molex, Valve connector simplifies manufacturing process, as well as Current mode controllers for military applications from Linear Technology, and Logic analyser and signal generator in one package from Saelig.

Latest stories...
LCD display modules for gauges and meters (December 2010)

Saelig has announced the availability of uLCD-32PT, a 3.2in QVGA TFT with 65K LCD TFT display with integrated touch screen and smart graphics processor for industrial control and robotics.

Integrated routers for high-bandwidth M2M systems (December 2010)

The Digi Connect WAN 4G and Connectport X4 4G integrated routers are ideal for high-bandwidth M2M solutions such as digital signage, video surveillance and mobile computing applications.

Radio antenna module suited for embedded GPS (December 2010)

The M10372 GPS Radionova is a planar-mount GPS Radio Antenna Module that is suited for embedded GPS, machine-to-machine (M2M) and mobile device applications.

28nm technology strategy targets wireless market (December 2010)

Altera has announced its 28nm process technology strategy, which is targeted for cost-sensitive applications in the automotive, industrial and wireless markets.

Ericsson DC/DC converter for radio applications (December 2010)

The topology used in Ericsson Power Modules' PKM4116ND quarter-brick DC/DC converter for radio applications has been optimised to reduce the number of components and reduce power losses.

Tool enables evaluation of active optical devices (November 2010)

Anritsu's MP2100A/01A-090 Bit Rate Expansion option for its Bertwave MP2100A series enables the evaluation of various active optical devices from 125Mb/sec to 12.5 Gb/sec.

Current sink LED platform suits handheld displays (November 2010)

Semtech has announced what it claims is the industry's first smart current sink LED backlighting platform with on-chip digital lighting effects for high-end handheld displays.

AC/DC power supplies can be used in LED signage (November 2010)

TDK-Lambda's ZWS-BAF series of PCB-type AC/DC power supplies is designed to meet the demands of a range of applications, including factory automation, test and measurement, and LED signage.

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