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Laurence Marchini

Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "DXP", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release Design roadshow covers the UK from Altium, which we summarised at the time by saying "UK roadshows explain advantages of unified design environment for existing users of Altium software". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Software unifies electronic product development from Altium: "Altium has unified its recently released DXP 2004-based products under the Altium Designer name".

In December 2004, we covered the news from Altium concerning its CircuitStudio 2004 - take a look at Front-end design solution gains Verilog support which says: "Altium has released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for its universal front-end engineering design solution, CircuitStudio 2004".

Take a look also at the news release from Altium, Board-level design system gains 150+ new features, as well as Design capture platform expanded from Altium, and Kits show off live approach to electronics design from Altium.

See also:

'FPGA readiness' is key to PCB design software (August 2004)
Altium is supporting Mentor Graphics' push to solve the emerging FPGA-to-board problems facing designers using high-capacity programmable logic

Long-running PCB CAD package gains more CAM (June 2003)
A new service pack provides a major upgrade to P-CAD 2002 with new CAM and simulation bonus technologies and significant enhancements

News on the CAMtastic DXP from Altium (March 2003)
CAMtastic DXP is the latest version of Altium's complete CAM verification and editing system that bridges the gap between PCB design and manufacturing

News on the nVisage DXP from Altium (January 2003)
Altium has released a 30-day trial version of its nVisage DXP multidimensional design capture system

News on the Protel DXP from Altium (December 2002)
The release of Service Pack 2 adds the full host of nVisage multidimensional design capture capabilities to Protel DXP as well as significant improvements to the corresponding PCB design capabilities

News on the nVisage DXPT from Altium (December 2002)
Phil Loughhead outlines the limitations of current design capture solutions when faced with the challenges presented by evolving component technologies and design demands

Tools provide new dimensions in design capture (November 2002)
nVisage is a novel 'multidimensional' design capture tool that allows design engineers to capture the conceptual design of their entire electronic system into a single, integrated environment

News on the Protel DXP from Altium (October 2002)
Altium has released the first service pack (SP1) for Protel DXP, which is available for download free of charge to all Protel DXP users

News on the Protel DXP from Altium (July 2002)
Protel DXP is now available for purchase from Altium

News on the Protel DXP from Altium (May 2002)
Protel DXP - the latest version of Altium's Protel board-level design system - has been released for external beta testing after successfully completing internal testing

Design software comes with free monitor (May 2002)
Altium has come up with a special offer that will enable its customers to gain productivity benefits from using multiple monitors with their design software

News on the Protel DXP from Altium (March 2002)
Altium has revealed that the next-generation Protel board-level design product will be named Protel DXP

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