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Start with the news release Double-layer stencils suit component manufacture from DEK, which we summarised at the time by saying "DEK has extended its Vectorguard stencil portfolio with the addition of double-layer Platinum stencil technology.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Deposition masks suit vacuum applications from Tecan: "Tecan's electroforming process produces tightly toleranced display masks with burr-free aperture edges and controllable draft angles to ensure optimum print definition.".

In September 2005, we covered the news from Cookson Electronics - take a look at Stencils claim exceptional paste volume control which says: "Alphaform electroformed stencils are designed for ultra-fine-pitch tolerances in surface mount and microelectronics applications, and for high volume assemblers.".

Take a look also at the news release from Precision Micro, Alliance focuses nanotechnology resources, as well as Stork brings expertise in electroformed stencils from DEK, and Semiconductor leadframes made to order from Tecan Components.

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Optical encoder discs made to (exact) order (July 2004)

Optical encoder disc designers and specifiers requiring cost-effective, accurate and durable solutions, now have access to what is believed to be the most versatile manufacturing facility in Europe.

Vacuum deposition masks lead display advances (September 2003)

Tecan is experiencing increases, both in interest, and orders, for electroformed vacuum deposition masks, making it a front runner in the race for advanced display technologies.

Wafer producers see potential of microreplication (August 2003)

Tecan is experiencing significant interest from lateral thinking designers and OEMs due to its proven ability to produce ultrafine electroformed parts for next-generation micro-applications.

Wafer-bumping stencils maintain accuracy (June 2003)

Tecan is now producing stencils in the next-generation large format of 300 x 300mm, while maintaining close tolerance and high resolution across the whole image.

Interest grows in microstructures (May 2003)

Ultrafine electroformed metal parts, fabricated to previously unheard of levels of accuracy and resolution, are the focus of unprecedented interest by electronics and microengineering designers.

Interactive website ousts printed matter (April 2003)

A wealth of data is now available from Tecan's new interactive website, in the form of quick and easy to download PDF files.

Stencils optimise paste release (March 2003)

Tecan reckons it is consistently producing what may be regarded as the most efficient stencils in the world today.

Evaporation masks last longer (January 2003)

Tecan has new surface plating options for its high-performance evaporation masks, delivering significant increases in operational life by virtually eradicating damage from current cleaning processes.

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