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Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "Electrolytics", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release Low-profile electrolytics snap into place from NIC Components Europe, which we summarised at the time by saying "Snap-in electrolytic capacitors offer high capacitance-voltage performance combined with high ripple current ratings". A few weeks before, we featured the news release Niobium oxide electrolytics boost capacity from AVX: "Low-profile NOJ series capacitors are designed for applications where maximum height of components above or below the PCB are of prime consideration".

In April 2007, we covered the news from Cornell Dubilier Electronics concerning its Screw-terminal aluminium electrolytic capacitors - take a look at Aluminium electrolytics can be specified online which says: "Screw-terminal aluminium electrolytic capacitors offer long life and better than 50A ripple capability for bus capacitor or DC-link capacitor applications".

Take a look also at the news release from Easby Electronics, Capacitors qualify for automotive duties, as well as Electrolytics handle higher solder temperatures from NIC Components Europe, and Electrolytics replace multiple tantalum chips from NIC Components Europe.

See also:

Niobium oxide capacitors take innovation award (May 2006)
AVX and its German distributor Rutronik have been recognised by German magazine Elektronik for AVX's NOJ/NOS/NOM series of niobium oxide capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors handle hot duties (April 2005)
Two new series of surface mount electrolytic capacitors are suitable for a wide range of long life applications at temperatures up to 105 and 125C

Long-life claims for aluminium electrolytics (January 2005)
A new series of miniature aluminium electrolytic capacitors combines ultralow impedance with long life and low temperature stability

Aluminium electrolytics shrink to smaller cases (December 2004)
Young Electronics has a new range of large capacitance aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Nippon Chemi-Con

High-voltage electrolytics shrink into PSU designs (July 2004)
A new ultra-low-profile series of high voltage electrolytic capacitors offers a wide operating temperature range

Ultralow impedance for electrolytic capacitors (June 2004)
Thanks to its ultralow impedance, the new KZE series of miniature aluminium electrolytic capacitors is ideal for designers of personal computers and storage equipment

Electrolytics last longer at high voltages (March 2004)
NRE-WB aluminium electrolytic capacitors are ideal for use in electronic ballasts for fluorescent lighting and other high-voltage applications that require high-temperature long-life performance

Long life for low-profile electrolytics (February 2004)
The low-profile Nippon Chemi-Con SLM series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors has a 15mm above-board height, provides long life and is offered in a wide range of voltages

Ultralow impedance from tiny radial electrolytics (January 2004)
NRSZC miniature aluminium electrolytic capacitors provide impressive low impedance, high stability performance across a wide temperature range

Alternative source for old Samsung electrolytics (December 2003)
Samwha Electric now manufactures electrolytic capacitors previously branded as Samsung

Higher reliability from budget electrolytics (November 2003)
A new range of electrolytic capacitors offers higher performance than aluminium equivalents at a lower cost

Large screw can electrolytics store more energy (April 2003)
The NSTE and NSTEW ranges of screw terminal large can aluminium electrolytic capacitors have been developed specifically for use in high-capacitance high-voltage applications

Electrolytics promise a long and peaceful life (April 2003)
The UA series of surface mount electrolytic capacitors is unique in that they are virtually maintenance free

Ceramic capacitors balance cost and performance (April 2003)
AVX's new OxiCap solid electrolytic ceramic capacitor series offers performance similar to tantalum at a price competitive with aluminium capacitors

More capacity for compact electrolytics (March 2003)
Nichicon has increased the top capacitance value of its WG series of surface mount electrolytic capacitors from 1000 to 1500uF

Some electrolytics like it hot (March 2003)
NACHL surface-mount aluminium electrolytic capacitors from NIC Eurotech feature extended life at high temperatures

Low-ESR electrolytics fit for onboard regulators (February 2003)
NIC developed the NSPZR series of radial leaded capacitors to meet the needs of next-generation low-voltage high-current onboard regulation applications

Aluminium electrolytics aim for lighting ballasts (February 2003)
Available from Logic Electronic Components is the CD261 Series from Jianghai, China's largest manufacturer of aluminium electrolytic capacitors

Electrolytics aim for ballast applications (February 2003)
The PZ series of electrolytic capacitors features high voltage and high ripple current characteristics that make them ideal for ballast applications

Miniature electrolytics save space (January 2003)
The MP series of electrolytic capacitors is only 5mm high with a diameter range from 4 to 6.3mm

Electrolytics take the heat of lead-free soldering (January 2003)
A wide range of surface mount aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Rubycon are compatible with the new, higher temperature profile required for lead-free soldering processes

Electrolytics live longer with lower ESR (January 2003)
Manufactured by Nippon Chemi-Con and available from Young ECC, the KY series aluminium electrolytic capacitors employ a newly developed electrolyte to minimise ESR

Aluminium electrolytics cut down impedance (December 2002)
The MBZ aluminium electrolytic capacitor delivers best in class impedance performance - a massive 40% reduction in comparison with some existing models

Ultra-low impedance for electrolytics (December 2002)
Featuring a minimum impedance of only 7mohm, the new HN series from Nichicon (Europe) has an extremely wide temperature range of -40 to +105C

European expansion for aluminium capacitors (October 2002)
Passive component specialist BC Components is to expand its production capabilities for manufacturing electrolytic aluminium screw terminal capacitors in Europe

Price and performance for aluminium electrolytics (September 2002)
The new LEL family of capacitors, now available on a pan-European basis from VTM (UK), are a range of aluminium radial electrolytic devices combining low cost with high quality

Controller eliminates electrolytics for long life (July 2002)
A novel offline power supply controller IC will allow designers to create ultrasmall power supplies that can operate continuously at high temperatures to drive a wide range of LED applications

Solid-polymer electrolytics tackle regulation (July 2002)
NIC Eurotech has introduced the NSPZR series of radial-leaded capacitors to meet the needs of next-generation low-voltage high-current onboard regulation applications

Electrolytics become smaller and greener (June 2002)
Easby Electronics is offering all the latest series of Nichicon electrolytic capacitors

Radial electrolytics span a wide voltage range (June 2002)
Two new working voltage values of 63 and 100V DC have been added to the RZ series of radial lead electrolytic capacitors from Nichicon (Europe)

Electrolytics take high ripple currents (May 2002)
Featuring an extended working voltage of 10 to 450V DC, which gives 42 additional ratings, the PB series is a miniature high-ripple long-life range of electrolytic capacitors

Electrolytics live long and prosper (May 2002)
The latest series of electrolytic capacitors from Nichicon (Europe) features long life and high ripple current

Easby adds stocks of NEC tantalum capacitors (March 2002)
Easby Electronics is to act as an authorised stockist for NEC surface-mount tantalum capacitors

Solid polymer electrolytics live longer under load (March 2002)
Nichicon originated the 'Tophat' surface-mount electrolytic capacitor and now has the widest range available, including a new series of solid organic polymer electrolytic capacitors

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