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Start with the news release Arbor controller supports Intel Atom N270 from Arbor Technology Co, which we summarised at the time by saying "Arbor Tech has launched the Arpex-1610, 1U fanless embedded automation controller, supporting Intel Atom N270 CPU. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Orchid redesigns precision LCR instrument from Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting: "Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting has recently completed the redesign of its precision LCR instrument. ".

In October 2008, we covered the news from Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting - take a look at New life for ageing electronic products which says: "Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) struggle to continue shipping ageing or obsolete electronic products. ".

Take a look also at the news release from Cypress Semiconductor, Nonvolatile SRAMs expand to 8Mbit, as well as Robust module eases communications from MEN Mikro Elektronik, and Ferroelectric RAM puts events on the record from Ramtron International.

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FRAM offers upgrade for Flash applications (April 2008)

High-density nonvolatile ferroelectric RAM features low power consumption and communicates via a high-speed serial peripheral interface.

Processor companion takes crystal onboard (March 2008)

Combines 64Kbit of nonvolatile ferroelectric RAM with an enhanced real-time clock/calendar and integrated 32kHz watch crystal.

Processor companion brings more to the party (January 2008)

Companion devices with up to 256Kbit of ferroelectric RAM include a more efficient trickle charger and a real-time clock that requires only a standard 12.5pF external watch crystal.

Seminar to put FRAM on automotive map (January 2008)

FRAM's fast write time and high endurance allows automotive navigation systems to quickly and continuously capture dynamic information without the risk of wearing out the memory.

Ferroelectric RAM joins automotive club (December 2007)

Ideal for advanced powertrain systems, the FM25040A-GA offers fast writes, virtually unlimited endurance and low power.

VMEbus board accelerates data throughput (December 2007)

Advanced technology offers exceptional performance levels while maintaining backwards compatibility with older standards, such as VME64X and VME.

FRAM-based companions aid diesel analysis (December 2007)

The combination of FRAM and an RTC is ideal for intensive data collection and storage of vehicle exhaust temperatures, system back pressure and time logs.

Memory chip handles four lines of HDMI (November 2007)

Single embedded FRAM chip provides display data memory for four HDMI connector ports, which previously required separate memory for each port.

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  • FPGA-based frame grabbers for image acquisition

    Stemmer Imaging can now offer what are said to be the world's fastest FPGA-based Cameralink frame grabbers from Silicon Software, which are suited as an OEM solution for image acquisition.
  • HD display controller outputs 60 frames per second

    Evatronix has released its latest display controller, a Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliant IP core that supports resolutions of up to 4,096 x 2,160 pixels with 24 bits/pixel colour depth.
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