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Product category: CompactPCI Boards and Assemblies
News Release from: Aitech Defense Systems | Subject: S950
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 13 February 2008

cPCI board toughens up for space duties

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The S950 offers extreme protection against single event upsets, making it ideal for a variety of low earth orbit, Mars terrestrial and geocentric orbit applications.

Aitech Defense Systems now offers a high-performance single-slot single board computer (SBC) that allows the user to initiate different power-saving options, depending on application requirements Specifically designed for mission-critical space environments, the new 3U CompactPCI radiation-tolerant S950 functions using as little as 13.5W in full operation, less than 8W in nap mode and less than 10W with limited performance for less intense processing requirements, all based on a core processor speed of 733MHz