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Product category: Embedded Computing and Control
News Release from: Ampro Computers | Subject: LittleBoard 620
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 26 September 2007

EBX board extends legacy applications

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RoHS- and EBX-compliant 5.25in SBC offers new life for designs based on obsolete boards.

The Embedded Systems Conference saw Ampro Computers release a product it reckons can replace the tens of thousands of EBX and 5.25in-form-factor SBCs on the market that use 486, Pentium MMX or Geode GX1 processors, or use Celeron, C3 or Eden 100/133 FSB processors with the Twister-T chipset These SBCs are now end-of-life (EOL), meaning that system OEMs using these boards need to qualify a compatible replacement SBC that will be in production through 2010 or beyond

Ampro's new LittleBoard 620 EBX SBC not only addresses the processor and chipset availability issues, but updates the technology from single-datarate (SDR) PC100 and PC133 RAM to the mainstream inexpensive DDR (double-datarate) RAM.

In addition, the board is fully RoHS compliant and EBX compliant, to address environmental regulations and issues with 5.25in SBCs that don't comply with the EBX standard.

"Ampro has paved a path