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Product category: Power Supply ICs and Controllers
News Release from: austriamicrosystems | Subject: AS1358/59/61/62 family
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 26 November 2007

LDOs are optimised for noise performance

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With the choice of 150 or 300mA output current, the ultra-low-noise LDO family delivers sufficient power for a wide range of applications.

Austriamicrosystems has expanded its low dropout regulator (LDO) portfolio with the AS1358/59/61/62 family, which is optimised to deliver outstanding noise performance of less than 9uV RMS and up to 92dB power supply rejection ratio (at 1kHz typical) Running from a 2 to 5.5V supply, the new devices are claimed to be perfect for dual or triple standard-cell and single Li-ion battery powered applications