Bergquist pre-applies Bond-Ply 450 to PCBs

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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Feb 23, 2009

Bergquist has introduced its T-Clad metal-core PCB circuits pre-applied with Bond-Ply 450 adhesive tape.

The reflow-resistant thermal interface tape saves product manufacturers from manually applying thermal interface material after assembly.

This streamlines production, allowing to quickly bond the metal-core PCB to a heatsink avoiding laborious attachment of individual screws or clips.

The pre-applied Bond-Ply 450 tape is designed to retain its adhesive properties after passing through reflow soldering, allowing the assembly to be directly attached to a heatsink.

Release of the back-side liner is also unaffected by soldering temperatures.

It is available only as a pre-applied thermal interface for T-Clad circuits.

It is 0.127mm thick and is rated for continuous use from - 30 to +120C.

High bond strength to low-energy surfaces such as aluminium heatsinks and a variety of plastics assures secure assembly, even for products used in harsh environments.

The Bond-Ply 450 is available in both standards as well as customised T-Clad circuits.

These include outlines such as power rails and star- or square-shaped LED boards, as well as a limitless variety of sizes for use in markets such as architectural, automotive, medical, military, signage or aerospace.

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