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Product category: Capacitors
News Release from: Cornell Dubilier Electronics | Subject: Screw-terminal aluminium electrolytic capacitors
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 23 April 2007

Aluminium electrolytics can be specified

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Screw-terminal aluminium electrolytic capacitors offer long life and better than 50A ripple capability for bus capacitor or DC-link capacitor applications.

For high current power conversion applications several suppliers offer screw-terminal aluminium electrolytic capacitors for the bus capacitor or DC-link capacitor application CDE Cornell Dubilier is pre-eminent and offers types with more than 50A ripple capability with expected lifetimes approaching 50 years

To avoid overdesign and assure best value for the application, CDE provides Java applet life/temperature calculators.

CDE Cornell Dubilier is a broad-line capacitor maker with power film, RF mica and aluminium electrolytic capacitors as its focus pro