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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jul 18, 2007

The UK Department of Trade and Industry has awarded a Fast Track grant to help fund development of EDA software for use in organic TFT-based electronic applications.

Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) has been successful in its application for a 2006 Fast Track grant to develop electronic design automation software (EDA) for use in organic TFT-based (OTFT) electronic applications.

This not only marks the entry of CDT into the OTFT space but will also be important in the development of displays using OTFTs, in particular flexible displays based on plastic substrates.

The project will extend the use of EDA software to organic semiconductor (OSC) materials, and accelerate the development of low-cost fabrication techniques for organic displays on both flexible and rigid substrates.

It will enable the faster development of advanced structures, devices and circuits and expand the application space for organic electronics.

The grant, for approximately US $500,000 (GBP 250,000), has been awarded by the UK Department of Trade and Industry's Technology Programme to a small consortium led by CDT.

Partnering with CDT is Silvaco International, one of the leading providers of technology computer aided design (TCAD) and EDA simulation software.

"This is an important stepping stone in the transition of low-cost organic electronics from the laboratory onto the shop floor", comments Dr David Fyfe, Chief Executive Officer of CDT.

Other significant projects announced recently include the metal deposition techniques and the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation.

The CFD project further demonstrates that CDT is building a strong position in the fundamental expertise required for development of low cost organic and flexible P-OLED displays.

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