Modules have accelerated TX/RX switching speed

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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Feb 19, 2009

Circuit Design has developed a full range of the STD-302N-R RoHS-compliant, industrial-use radio transceiver modules.

Available models include 434 MHz, 869 MHz (EU), 458 MHz (UK), 447 MHz (Korea), 429 MHz (Japan) and 419 MHz (China) versions.

Circuit Design has developed a full lineup of the RoHS-compliant industrial-use radio transceiver module STD-302N-R.

The pin assignment in all frequency versions is the same so that by changing the frequency program to suit the various frequencies, the user is able to provide products that meet the radio regulations of each country.

The STD-302N-R achieves an accelerated TX/RX switching speed, a level that was difficult to obtain in the past with FM narrowband (25 kHz step) multi-channel transceiver radio modules.

Thanks to this capability, the STD-302N-R is finding applications primarily in the field of industrial use telecontrol as a remote radio control unit incorporating an answer-back function - an area where time delays are not acceptable during the operation of equipment.

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