MU-2-R low-power radio modem launched

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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Mar 18, 2009

Circuit Design has developed and released the MU-2-R, a 434MHz low-power radio modem.

The MU series are modems for embedding in industrial equipment.

They incorporate the RF circuit required for radio communication and a CPU for control, and data is exchanged with an external CPU using the UART serial interface based on commands.

The MU-2-R is also supplied with an antenna.

The solution allows users to develop equipment quickly using built-in radio, without having to pay much attention to the high-frequency element.

The MU-2-R is now 55 per cent smaller than the earlier models, and is offered at a lower price.

The MU-2-R also features FEC (Forward Error Correction) employing Reed-Solomon code that is used in satellite communications and compact discs.

This ensures reliable radio communication even with a weak electric field or when burst noise is present.

Designed for narrow-band FM and with high receiver sensitivity, the MU-2-R has a communication range of 600m (line-of-sight) with the 10mW output authorised for the European harmonised ISM band.

In addition, the built-in relay function enables wide-area telemetry systems and remote control applications covering several kilometres using battery-powered operation with 10mW output.

Circuit Design will start shipment of mass-produced products from March 2009.

Most of the parts required for radio communication are built in.

The internal CPU handles all processes required for radio equipment design, including PLL control, insertion of preambles, wireless data links, and data input/output timing control.

In order to check communication integrity in the design stage and when the equipment is actually installed in the field, the MU-2-R is provided with commands for measuring the electric field intensity of the received signal and floor noise.

Users can also remotely check the electric field intensity of units placed in a distant location using commands.

The MU-2-R is preprogrammed with 127 radio frequency channels.

You can also choose between 10mW and 1mW output.

Flexible link IDs allow users to build 1:1, 1:N, and N:N systems.

In addition, the relay function lets users cover a wider area.

Besides remotely measuring the radio wave environment where the unit is installed, users can also change the frequency of the unit.

The MU-2-R has received Technical Standard Conformity Certification in Japan and does not require any new radio authorisation testing.

The frequency of models for the Japanese market is 429 MHz.

Various interfaces RS-232 and USB interface boards are available to simplify development of MU-2-R systems.

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