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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jul 13, 2006

New tester meets compliance needs of revised lighting industry technical standard

The latest addition to the Clare range of safety testers for electronic testing applications has been designed specifically to comply with recent changes to product standards in the lighting industry.

The SafeTest Luminaire is the only available bench top tester that can provide the complete suite of electrical safety tests to enable manufacturers and distributors of lighting products to comply with the Lighting Association Code of Practice, the LIF recommendations and all relevant international technical conformance standards typically EN 60598, UL 1598 and CSA C22.2.

In particular the new Luminaire enables lighting companies to comply with recent changes to standard EN60598, which covers all lighting products, and which now permits the previously required hipot/flash dielectric withstand test to be substituted by a lower voltage DC insulation test at 500V.

This change has been introduced to enable electronic HF switchgear ballasts to be tested safely without the risk of damage to the electronic circuits.

Some manufacturers of electronic HF ballasts now clearly state that the device must not be hipot/flash tested, but that a 500V DC insulation test should be used.

To meet this need, SafeTest Luminaire has the capacity to perform either AC hipot/flash/dielectric or insulation test in line with individual product requirements and also provides regular earth bond, load/run, continuity and polarity test functions.

In manual mode a simple push button action makes the bench top instrument easy to operate with on screen user instructions making test activation fast and simple.

In addition, programmable test sequences can be set up for semi-automatic testing involving all required electrical safety tests, plus functional tests.

Product serial numbers can also be scanned into the tester and stored against test results for quality control records.

All tests are individually user selectable and an internal memory has the capacity to store the results of 1,000 tests.

A PC interface is also provided for further storage and analysis of measured data.

The new tester also comes with an optional safety label printer that enables the automatic production of tested labels and test reports immediately as tests are undertaken.

Special safety interlocks and protection routines provide enhanced operator safety and a full range of test station accessories can also be supplied, including warning beacons for test areas in factories or production locations to meet the EN50191 safe usage of HV test equipment guidelines.

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