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Product category: LCD Modules
News Release from: Clairvoyante
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 26 April 2007

Driver deal to accelerate display

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Tomato LSI is to produce the world's first commercially available three-chip PenTile RGBW driver for amorphous silicon TFT widescreen VGA display panels up to 5in diagonal.

Clairvoyante is expanding its licensing agreement with Korean fabless chip manufacturer Tomato LSI to include production of widescreen VGA driver integrated circuits integrated with PenTile RGBW technology, simplifying implementation of PenTile RGBW technology into widescreen mobile panels in order to increase brightness and help manage power consumption The agreement will enable liquid crystal display manufacturers to produce high-brightness, low-power display modules for the next-generation of mobile applications that are increasingly demanding high-brightness, widescreen format, and extended battery life