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News Release from: DTI Global Watch Service
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 5 March 2007

Global Watch Service to be withdrawn

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The DTI Global Watch Service will be withdrawn at the end of March 2007, but assistance will still be available to businesses through a variety of different avenues

The changes are aimed at reducing duplication and simplifying the number of business support programmes the Government offers. UK businesses wishing to work with overseas organisations will be able to seek support through UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) programmes. In addition, grants for international R and D will be available through the EU's Framework Programme 7.

From April, the main focus for UK companies and organisations seeking innovation support will be the Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs).

KTNs have been set up by government, industry and academia to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience between industry and the science base.

They bring together diverse organisations and provide activities and initiatives that promote the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation of innovation in these communities.

KTNs receive funding of GBP 20 million per year from the DTI and other Technology Strategy Board partners.

The FCO Science and Innovation Network will work with the KTNs directly, providing tailored international innovation information relevant to each KTN.

In addition, the KTN web portal already uses the same software to drive information on specific technologies to the relevant KTN.

Useful content from the Global Watch site will be transferred to these portals to create a one-stop shop.

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