News Release from: Elixent
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 6 September 2001

Two climb aboard at Elixent

Elixent has appointed Peter van Cuylenburg as non-executive Chairman and Kenn Lamb as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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Elixent has appointed Peter van Cuylenburg as non-executive Chairman and Kenn Lamb as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This follows the recent introduction of the company and its technology, and the announcement of its initial $14 million funding. Together van Cuylenburg and Lamb bring 49 years of in-depth industry experience to Elixent.

Peter van Cuylenburg has spent 29 years in high technology with 16 years at Texas Instruments.

He was Chief Executive of Mercury Communications, a Group Director with Cable and Wireless and held senior executive positions at companies including Xerox and Quantum.

Dr van Cuylenburg serves on the Board of QAD Incorporated and in addition to his role as non-executive Chairman of Elixent, he currently holds similar roles at ClearSpeed Technologies and Anadigm.

"Elixent's Reconfigurable ALU array offers a unique set of characteristics which will give product designers new flexibility and freedom from current constraints.

I am pleased to be contributing to a company that has the potential to bring significant benefits to the industry that I have worked in for 29 years", said Dr van Cuylenburg.

Kenn Lamb has 20 years of industry experience, and was Senior VP Sales and a member of the executive staff at ARC International before joining Elixent as CEO.

He has held a number of senior positions including European General Manager for the Alta Group of Cadence Design Systems and European General Manager of Actel Europe.

"The industry has already seen that the ability to tune processor functionality before fabrication delivers huge performance benefits.

Elixent's reconfigurable technology enables configuration and dynamic reconfiguration after fabrication", commented Lamb.

"This is going to give customers extensive reductions in time to market and development cost, and I firmly believe that the option for reconfiguration will become a mainstream component of future SoC design flows".

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