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Product category: Power Supply ICs and Controllers
News Release from: Fairchild Semiconductor | Subject: FSB50325S, FSB50250S and FSB50450S
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 17 November 2006

Power modules shrink motion control

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Three new Motion-SPM devices come in 29 x 12mm SMD packages.

Enhancing its portfolio of Smart Power Modules (SPM), Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced the FSB50325S (250V), FSB50250S (500V) and FSB50450S (500V), three new Motion-SPM devices available in 29 x 12mm surface-mount-device (SMD) packages The Motion-SPM in SMD enables designers to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency, compactness and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) required by small (50-125W) inverter motor drive applications such as water pumps, dishwasher motors and fan motors