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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Sep 17, 2009

Harwin has produced a video that shows the automated crimp process it has developed for its Datamate Trio-Tek open-barrel crimp contacts.

The contacts feature a triangular form that simplifies crimping and enables customers to automate this part of the process for medium and high-volume applications.

The Datamate Trio-Tek has a latching feature that simplifies the insertion of contacts into the housing and can be crimped automatically or semi-automatically, four to five times faster than manual crimping.

As a result, higher volume throughput is achieved and costs are reduced.

At the same time, the contact retains the same standards as Harwin's conventional Datamate contacts, which are tested in accordance with BS 9525-F0033.

A crimp inspection window in the housing aids quality control and the insulated crimp barrel provides improved strain relief.

The contacts have J-Tek jackscrews and are supplied either loose or on reels.

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