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Product category: Circuit Protection Devices
News Release from: Jenelec | Subject: Ibreaker
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 25 May 2005

Electronic breaker protects telecomms devices

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As part of the move by Jenelec to diversify its product range, the company has released a range of standard telecomms power products, and with these comes the ibreaker

This electronic breaker is an alternative to the electromechanical type that is normally used to protect the devices being fed from a DC power system. Features include: no bus voltage drop; constant current limitation before tripping; remote control of breakers, on/off, energy count, billing, programmable parameters; parameter reading; greater reliability; and a distributed LVD function by way of the input undervoltage disconnection.

This is just one of the new range of power products being distributed by Jenelec to meet the needs of the new generations of voice and data transmission products.

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