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Product category: Stand-Alone Instruments
News Release from: Keithley Instruments | Subject: Model 2910
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 27 January 2006

RF signal generator uses software
defined radio

The Model 2910 RF vector signal generator is the first in a new line of RF test instruments.

Keithley Instruments has developed an innovative line of RF test instruments With an unrivaled combination of high-performance, speed, flexibility, ease of use, and compact size, these instruments employ new approaches to test and measurement that enable users to save time, effort, and money

These new products will be used throughout the design, development and manufacturing processes, and they complement existing Keithley solutions sold in this market such as battery simulation sources, semiconductor characterisation systems and source-measure units.

The first product available in this line is the Model 2910 RF vector signal generator.

Using a number of industry innovations, such as its software-defined radio (SDR) architecture, patent-pending synthesiser technology and unique power leveling techniques, the Model 2910 provides a flexible platform that uses software to adapt as test requirements change and reduces test time with the fastest frequency tuning, amplitude settling and waveform switching available.