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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Mar 19, 2008

The Lasersport guns are de-activated "over and under" 12 bore shotguns which fire harmless infra-red beams at reflective and re-usable clays.

LPRS is providing Lasersport International with a wireless solution for a clay pigeon shooting system.

Lasersport systems Its product is a total shooting system that can be used outdoors, indoors, during daytime and at night.

It is not only very popular with the public but it is also a very profitable investment for leisure venues, primarily because it is exciting, competitive and can be played by people of all ages and skill levels.

When played outdoors it is like ordinary clay pigeon shooting except that up to five people shoot at the same target at the same time.

The Lasersport guns are de-activated "over and under" 12 bore shotguns which fire harmless infra-red beams at reflective and re-usable clays.

The clays are released from the Lasersport clay launcher and the speed and angle at which the clays fly can be adjusted to suit the skill levels of the people playing Lasersport.

The scores of each player are displayed on the large electronic scoreboard and there are several games within the system.

The automatic clay launcher has a built in device that charges the luminous clays, which then glow brightly in the night sky.

Fluorescent clays are provided for daytime use.

Each of the guns has its own identity and the scores of each player are shown on an electronic scoreboard, in essence Lasersport replicates clay pigeon shooting without any danger or harm to the environment.

As the Lasersport guns have to communicate with the scoreboard and be easy to use they cannot have cables between the guns and the scoreboards, therefore each gun has its own transmitter and the scoreboard has individual receivers for each gun.

Iain Reddihough, Managing Director of Lasersport International said, "In our latest products all the electronics are housed in the shotgun and therefore have to be compact and more importantly the components used have to be reliable.

The majority of our systems are used for six to eight hours a day, 365 days a year and with 70% of our systems being exported it is vital that they are reliable and in the event of failure, easy to replace.

The CDP radio transmitters supplied by LPRS have proven to fit that bill and additionally, as it is simple to change their operating frequencies, service and or replacement is simple for our customers to undertake.

For the Lasersport application LPRS supplied wireless modules from Circuit Design, a manufacturer of low power radio products.

Circuit Design designs and supplies low-power narrow-band standard radio modules for short-range applications.

For this application LPRS specified the CDP-TX-02E-R transmitter module, which has a typical range of 1km.

Barry Gillbrand, Managing Director of LPRS said, "All of our RF modules are designed to provide easy to use wireless solutions.

We have a wealth of experience in providing design and software support to simplify our customers design process and ensure the fastest possible time to market".

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