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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team May 28, 2004

Intoto has ported its iGateway comprehensive platform of firewall and VPN security software into the LSI Logic production-ready HomeBase family of digital subscriber line gateway products.

Intoto has ported its iGateway comprehensive platform of firewall and VPN security software into the LSI Logic production-ready HomeBase family of digital subscriber line (xDSL) gateway products.

ADSL/ADSL2+ modem manufacturers using the turnkey HomeBase modem solution now have immediate access to an ICSA (International Computing Security Association)-certifiable firewall for their broadband products featuring secure data connectivity over the Internet.

The Intoto iGateway software runs on the robust and efficient Linux operating system, standard in HomeBase solutions, providing manufacturers with a complete, cost-effective solution that reduces development time and allows for product differentiation.

"The 'always on' nature of broadband services has resulted in an increased demand for data security from consumers, businesses and service providers", said Kumar Sivakumar, Senior Director of the DSL Product Business Unit, LSI Logic.

"The combination of Intoto's full-featured iGateway software platform with the superior rate/reach performance of LSI Logic's HomeBase silicon provide our customers with security and connectivity, with an expanded coverage area, all in one fully integrated solution".

"Our HomeBase customers will now be able to quickly add security features with minimal cost and development time".

Intoto's feature rich iGateway communications software platform is used extensively in many high-volume and top-tier networking products such as security appliances, broadband gateways, IADs/integrated communication platforms, routers and edge appliances.

The iGateway firewall has been certified by TruSecure's ICSA Labs.

The iGateway VPN module offers a feature-rich, standards-based VPN suite that is certified by ICSA Labs and the VPN Consortium (VPNC).

The iGateway solution provides secure site-to-site VPN connection and allows remote access for mobile users.

The iGateway solution is suitable for deployment within large wired or wireless networks, supporting advanced VPN and Firewall features such as NAT (Network Address Translation) support for a wide range of applications such as ftp, games from Microsoft, Activision and Blizzard.

Support for voice applications such as Microsoft's NetMeeting, QuickTime and others that run seamlessly through the SIP/ H.323 application-level gateway (ALG).

iGateway also provides: protection from denial of service (DoS) attacks such as SYN flooding, IP smurfing, LAND, ping of death and all reassembly attacks; firewall active content filtering that allows filtering on certain application protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP and RPC such that an administrator can define HTTP content filtering schemes for blocking ActiveX, Java and URLs based on file extensions; VPN support of NAT traversal allowing the user to set up a VPN tunnel even in presence of the network address translation in the path; and configuration via a user friendly, web based graphical user interface.

"Intoto is very excited to integrate the iGateway firewall and VPN software platform into the HomeBase ADSL modem solutions, enabling customers to rapidly deploy high-performance, scalable solutions for security appliances", said Sathyan Iyengar, President and CEO of Intoto.

"Today's embedded firewalls, VPN appliances, VPN-enabled routers, wireless gateways and access devices demand the hardware acceleration and exceptional packet throughput performance achieved by the HomeBase silicon to function securely, particularly for e-commerce transactions, without compromising performance".

The LSI Logic HomeBase ADSL2+ chipset features the AR8204, a sixth-generation SpeedReach analogue front-end (AFE) and the AR902, an Ethernet network processor.

The AR902 integrates the DMT engine with a 200MHz ARM922 processor, a hardware-based ATM SAR, a USB port and a SDRAM controller that provides the network processor with access to high-bandwidth, high-capacity bulk memory.

The chipsets are incorporated into a HomeBase modem that is available as a manufacturing kit to customer premise equipment (CPE) manufacturers.

The iGateway software is ideally suited for this chipset, as well as the LSI Logic AR922 and AR942 ADSL2+ SOHO network processors, which both feature integrated crypto coprocessing that provides hardware acceleration for IPSec (Intellectual Property Security Protocol) applications, a key requirement for deployment in SOHO and corporate gateways.

In addition to DSL, LSI Logic offers a wide range of home networking technology including Ethernet, USB, 802.11 and Wireless LAN technologies.

These technologies, combined with LSI Logic's strong CoreWare portfolio, digital rights management capabilities, and MPEG-based and proprietary compression technologies, uniquely equip LSI Logic to deliver highly integrated silicon solutions to address the delivery and distribution of voice, video and data.

The breadth and flexibility of LSI Logic's offerings facilitates product differentiation for both carriers and service providers.

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