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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 13, 2010

The MAX9635 is ideally suited for tablet and notebook PCs, smartphones, TVs, digital lighting-management systems and light-intensity-monitoring applications.

The fully integrated digital ambient-light sensor offers an adaptive gain block.

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9635, a fully integrated digital ambient-light sensor with an adaptive gain block

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9635, a fully integrated digital ambient-light sensor with an adaptive gain block

Designed using the company's proprietary BiCMOS technology, this device integrates two photodiodes, an ADC and all necessary digital functionality into a 2 x 2mm package.

The MAX9635 con offers a 4,000,000 to one dynamic range to ensure ultra-precise lux readings in all ambient-light conditions.

Maxim's BiCMOS technology enables the integration of two photodiodes, along with an optical filter to reject ultraviolet and infrared light.

This allows the MAX9635 to replicate the optical response of the human eye and accurately measure visible light in a variety of environmental settings.

Advanced algorithms correct for any spectra variations between light sources ensure an accurate lux response.

The MAX9635 is equipped with an adaptive gain block that automatically selects the optimum gain range.

This capability relieves designers of the process of manually programming the device.

The adaptive gain block's dynamic range enables the MAX9635 to measure light levels from 0.045 to 188,000lux.

The device's low-light sensitivity makes it suitable for applications in which the sensor IC is placed behind black glass, which reduces the amount of ambient light.

Its 0.65uA operating current is said to be lower than the power-down current of many competitive products and it operates from a 1.7 to 3.6V supply voltage.

Consuming as little as 1.1uW of operating power, the MAX9635 uses 100 times less power than the nearest competitor (124uW) - according to the company.

The MAX9635 is said to be the only light sensor in the industry that can operate from 1.8V, allowing it to be powered by the same 1.8V supply as the I2C interface.

This helps reduce power consumption and lowers complexity by only requiring a single voltage rail for the part.

An address pin allows the use of two sensors on the same I2C bus.

A built-in interrupt function extends these power savings by reducing the frequency of I2C communications.

With this technique, the light sensor only initiates communication with the microcontroller when the ambient-light measurement exceeds the programmed threshold.

This eliminates the need to constantly poll the sensor, offloading the processor and conserving power.

Designed for the tight space requirements of portable systems, the MAX9635 is offered in an optically transparent, lead-free, 2 x 2 x 0.6mm, six-pin UTDFN-Opto-EP package.

It is fully specified over the -40 to 85C extended temperature range.

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