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OKW Enclosures

OKW Enclosures

15 Brunel Way Segensworth East
PO15 5TX

Phone number(UK) +44 1489 583858

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OKW manufactures a huge range of plastic enclosures for housing OEM electronics equipment from handheld devices to wall mounted systems. The company has a worldwide reputation for developing innovative enclosure systems which are manufactured to the very highest quality standards.

OKW electronic enclosures are ergonomically designed and provide visually pleasing and highly tactile housing solutions which can accommodate the latest electronic components. For example: membrane keypads, LCD display modules, TFT screens, flexible PCBs and battery packs.

OKW enclosures are available in a very wide selection of sizes and types including:

  • Miniature key fob style enclosures
  • Handheld enclosures
  • Instrument enclosures
  • Wall mount enclosures
  • IP65 and IP66 sealed enclosures
  • Portable enclosures
  • Desktop enclosures
  • Keypad enclosures
  • Sloping front enclosures
  • DIN rail enclosures
  • Potting boxes

The company also offers an extensive customising service which includes CNC machining and drilling, silk-screen printing, painting and moulding in alternative colours, EMC shielding, assembly and much more.

OKW also manufactures an extensive range of tuning knobs and collet knobs in modern and traditional styles.

The company manufacturers it?s enclosures and knobs to international standards including: EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001: 2004

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    OKW Enclosures' range of robust shell-type plastic enclosures has been designed to house small electronic devices including test and measurement, medical, peripherals and interfaces.

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Visit the OKW Enclosures web site
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