Greenpoint reference designs speed LED development

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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Nov 26, 2009

ON Semiconductor has launched two Greenpoint reference designs to speed and simplify the development of high-efficiency LED-based lighting applications.

Configured in size and features for MR16 LED replacements, the first reference design describes a built and tested 3 to 5W LED driver solution for driving high-brightness LEDS (HB-LEDs).

The second design is targeted at designers looking to achieve compliance with the Energy Star 1.1 requirements for Solid State Lighting (SSL) in residential luminaire applications and describes a built and tested offline Greenpoint solution for an isolated 8W constant-current LED driver.

Each of the reference designs addresses all of the functional blocks needed to create a complete application and is available as a package that includes description, schematics, bill-of-materials (BoM), Gerber files and evaluation guidelines.

The MR16 reference design is based on a buck-boost topology, using ON Semiconductor's NCP3065 switching regulator operating at around 150kHz in a non-isolated constant-current configuration.

Suitable for 12V AC or 12V DC applications such as track lighting, automotive lighting and landscape lighting, the circuit delivers flat-current regulation irrespective of input line and output LED voltage variation.

It also features an auto-detect circuit that allows input from a 12V DC or 12V AC supply while maintaining the targeted output current.

ON Semiconductor's offline LED Driver Greenpoint reference design for Energy Star residential LED luminaires has been optimised to drive between one and eight high-power LEDs in applications such as portable desk lamps, under-cabinet lighting and outdoor porch lights.

This reference design uses a novel circuit configuration to achieve a power factor of more than 0.85 at 115V AC without the addition of an extra passive-power-factor correction network.

This reduces components count and meets the residential power-factor requirements.

The design operates from a 90-265V AC universal input and is built around the ON Semiconductor NCP1014 switcher IC, which integrates a fixed-frequency current-mode controller with a 700V MOSFET.

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