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Product category: VMEbus Boards and Assemblies
News Release from: Pentek | Subject: Model 7142-428
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 08 November 2007

Complete software radio comes on PMC/XMC

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The Model 7142-428 addresses an unprecedented range of commercial and military communication systems.

Pentek has released its Model 7142-428 digital transceiver with a multiband digital downconvertor (DDC) and interpolation filter A complete software radio system in a COTS PMC/XMC module, this latest offering from Pentek combines proven hardware and a new GateFlow IP core

It is a complete software radio system in a COTS PMC/XMC module.

It employs four A/D convertors and one D/A convertor capable of bandwidths exceeding 40MHz for connection to HF and IF ports of communications or radar systems.

In a transceiver, the decimation factor and interpolation factor determine the ratio between the IF frequency and the bandwidth of the received and transmitted signals.