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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Feb 1, 2011

Power Integrations has announced seven additions to its Linkswitch-PH range of LED driver ICs optimised for industrial and commercial settings where high efficiency and system longevity are vital.

The devices - LNK413 to LNK419 - are suitable for lighting applications ranging from 3W bulbs to 55W replacements for fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Power Integrations has announced seven new members of its LinkSwitch-PH range of LED driver ICs

The ICs, which can achieve up to 88 per cent efficiency, feature a PWM-dimmable single-stage controller with both power factor correction (PFC) and accurate constant-current (CC) power conversion functionality.

The integrated PFC and CC functions allow multiple drivers to be connected in parallel to drive exterior and street area lights efficiently and with functional redundancy.

Linkswitch-PH devices incorporate the PFC/CC controller, a 725V Mosfet and Mosfet driver into a single package, which is said to simplify layout and design and eliminates parasitic elements between the controller and Mosfet.

Power Integrations said the ICs enable high reliability at low cost by eliminating up to 25 additional components used in traditional isolated flyback designs, including the high-voltage electrolytic bulk capacitor and the optocoupler - the components most likely to limit the lifetime of an LED lamp.

David New, lighting product marketing manager at Power Integrations, said: 'These additions to the Linkswitch-PH range complement the existing series of Triac-dimmable devices.

'Optimised for high efficiency in simple flyback designs and operating at input voltages up to 305VAC, they enable the development of both single-voltage and universal-input products suitable for industrial and commercial lighting applications.

'Designers using these devices in solid-state lighting applications can expect the operational life of the driver to match that of its accurately controlled LED array.

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